It’s been a number of years since I earned a proper living from photography but I always enjoyed the biannual event of London Fashion week; long days, early mornings and late nights with a copious amount of waiting thrown into the mix until you have 5 minutes of frantic shooting during the show. A catwalk shoot is a mash of technical ability, catlike reflexes and an eye for composition.

Fashion Show Catwalk Photography


A friend of mine called me the other month to shoot some promotional photos for his bike company. He wanted some a little edgy and contemporary that promoted that they were a British brand and were based in London.

So on a bright sunny Sunday I met him and our model in Westminster, armed with a Nikon D700, 35mm & 85mm’s along with an Elinchrom Quadra RX. I wanted portability and speed as London is notoriously bad for photographers shooting in tourist locations, so I wanted to grab the shots and move on quickly before we drew too much attention to ourselves.


I have recently had the pleasure of handling a pre-production version of the new Canon EOS 6D & Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 Mark II. As both items were pre-production and the camera was running an incomplete firmware version, I was unable to submit any images and thus an unable to make a true evaluation.

That aside having first picked the camera up it felt very much smaller than the 5D MK III, never the less it felt reassuringly substantial and well put together with a comfortable rubberized hand grip.