The best cameras for use at festivals

If you’re lucky enough to be able to head off to the party lands of legendary festivals such as Glastonbury, Vfestival, Radio 1 Big Weekend, Reading & Leeds and a host of others this summer then you'll want to capture those memories on a camera better than just your phone camera, something that is a lot more reliable and a lot better in low light for both image quality and auto focusing.

We have put together a little list of a few cameras based on certain features to help you find the perfect camera for capturing those festival moments.

The Disposable Camera 

First off the bat - when we think of festivals, most people think a disposable camera is the best option From the point of view of being risk adverse then maybe, but for quality this is simply not true. This having said, having a little disposable film camera like the Ilford XP2 Super is fun way to capture some interesting moments at camp and around the festival sites, but maybe not as great for in the crowd moments mind you.

The Powerful Zoom

When at the festival you are going to want to capture not just the fun around camp with your friends and the various sights you may encounter on any late night adventures, but the bands you went all that way to see! The only thing to be able to do this with any degree of quality and success is with a powerful zoom. A compact camera such as the Panasonic TZ60 offers you a 30x optical zoom which gives you the ability to capture on stage scenes from a far whilst being compact enough to slip in pocket or small bag when enjoying the music.

The Cheap (great value) & Cheerful

Understandably you may not want to spend a lot of money on a camera for a festival, due to the blazingly obvious reasons, although I knew a chap at Glastonbury who took his Canon EOS-1D series camera and had no issues apart from having to carry a heavy lump of a camera for the whole weekend. This is where the Canon IXUS 160 steps in; a great value camera that is small and compact, packs in a 8x optical zoom for getting close to the action which works in perfect combination with the 20MP sensor to get clear, crisp and colourful shots.

The Colourful but Powerful

Being at a festival is more than just a music thing it’s a summer thing. Therefore, why not choose a camera that is feature rich, high in quality but radiates summer through a great choice of colour. The Nikon Coolpix S3700 is a fun and vibrant camera that comes in a variety of colours for every personality and will be a great companion at any festival.

The Ultra Rugged & Tough

If you are prone to dropping the odd thing when out and about, or are looking for a camera that can handle itself in the heavy downpours that festivals are legendary for, then the Olympus Tough TG-4 is a perfect camera to capture those festival moments in the most extreme festival weather conditions Mother Nature can throw at you.

The Hipster Look

If being a hipster is your thing or if you just want a great camera to take quality shots the the Fujifilm X30 is a stylish, vintage inspired compact camera that will not only make you look the part but give you amazing photographs and capture all those great one of a kind festival moments with ease. Although the most expensive on the list, it is also going to give you the best quality overall and I can promise you if you love photography you will love this camera. That is why this is my personal recommendation!

Apart from choosing a quality compact camera to take with you don't forget to pack spare batteries, extra memory cards, cleaning cloth and a soft holster style case to make sure you are always ready to capture those one of a kind festival moments.

If you shoot any photos that you’re particularly happy with at any type of festival this summer, then why not share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or Google +.

James M
Park Cameras

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