Hahnel Combi TF preview

Photo accessory manufacturer Hahnel have announced a new addition to their extensive range of products with the new Combi TF.

This excellent and innovative offering is aimed at studio photographers and the Combi TF is, as the name suggests, a two part offering of remotre shutter release and flash firing.

The kit itself includes a remote release and a receiver (as shown right) plus a series of interchangeable cables for shutter release mechanisms for the different camera manufacturers.
Wireless remote shutter release is achieved simply and robustly with full control over the auto focus, continuous shooting and bulb with a 4 second delay. The remote is pressed and a receiver is connected to the camera at the hotshoe and to the shutter release with one of a number of interchangeable cables for the various brands supported. Hahnel have produced individual kits for Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Panasonic systems.

The truly innovative part of this product is however in the second part, providing control over multiple flash sources through an additional use of the receivers.

Anyone who has ever wanted to venture into studio photography will tell you the issue of firing multiple flash heads or speedlites can be an expensive business with manufacturers such as Bowens and the like offering assorted solutions including internal cards and more. The Combi TF achieves this very simply (and inexpensively) through the use of the included receiver which has a hot shoe mount for speedlite firing plus a connection to studio flash heads through the studio light cable accessory.

The kits (for Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic ) include one receiver but additional receivers can be added quite simply enabling you to fire multiple studio flash heads or speedlites simultaneously.

Triggering the flash heads will simply be a case of releasing the shutter with each of the receivers receiving the signal and instead of firing the shutter release through the shutter release cable, will instead fire the flash through the available studio light triggering cable.

This is expected to be a cost effective, reliable, simple and more importantly scaleable solution for the studio photographer.

The Combi TF is also promised to be extremely reasonably priced for what it offers. We expect these in stock soon and expect this to be a very popular product if not a necessity for many photographers.

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