Olympus E-P2 Review

Having recently reviewed the Olympus PEN E-P1, I was hugely impressed with its abilities in almost any situation, Olympus has progressed their camera one step further with the addition of an optional electronic viewfinder, the VF-2, making it more flexible when shooting in bright sunlight. This might sound like a simple addition to assist some photographers, but when you consider its size and weight this is an addition that will benefit most of the users that the Olympus E-P2 is aimed at.

 As a landscape/travel photographer’s camera the Olympus E-P2 is portable and light but, crucially, is packed with many of the features that you would expect to find from today’s Digital SLR, less the size. With more lenses on the way from Olympus its flexibility is increasing rapidly with one, the 9-18mm (18-36mm 35mm equivalent), providing a fantastic combination for photography on the go.

So what else is new? Well, Olympus has added two new Art Modes; Diorama and Cross Processed. These are fun ways in which to shake up your photography and make post-editing a thing of the past. I-enhance has been added to boost colours in you photos and giving you pictures a real kick. Although this sounds as basic as increasing the saturation the Olympus E-P2 is far more intelligent than that. It will increase the intensity of colours however, it will do so in a non-obtrusive manner meaning skin tones shouldn't turn orange. Finally, to cover the last base, Olympus has allowed you to record HD movies in “M” mode unlocking complete creativity when using this camera.

With cameras coming in all shapes and forms, the E-P1 has filled several gaps in the market and now the E-P2 has filled the remaining one, providing professionals with a flexible and portable camera, now with the inclusion of the viewfinder the ability to shoot in any environment. 
At Park Cameras we are pleased to confirm that we now have a ‘live’ example in our ‘touch and try’ Showroom.

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