Panasonic DMC G2. A Micro Four Thirds Panasonic Camera

Since its release in 2009 the Micro Four Thirds Mount has already gained cult status online with many photographers.

As one of the manufacturers at the forefront of this mount, Panasonic has become synonymous with this new format. Panasonic wanted this camera to bring a little more diversity to the micro four thirds mount, taking the first Micro four thirds camera (the Panasonic G1) and refining the design.

Panasonic also added some important ergonomic features which really do improve the usability of this Panasonic camera but still dropping a little weight. Most noticeably the Panasonic G2 has a 460,000 pixel touch screen LCD built around the same multi angle design but underneath it adds a new processor, the Venus Engine HD II, which speeds up continuous shooting and recording times.

Lumix G2 and OIS Lens
Like other Panasonic Lumix Four Thirds cameras the G2 lacks built in stabilisation in the body, unlike the Olympus equivalent, and relies on the lens having it built in. The kit lens has changed from its predecessor and has now evolved to the 14-45mm and although still a stabilised lens looses the switch which is now incorporated into the body of the G2. Also despite its larger range the lens also shrinks down like the DMC-G2 dropping both weight and size.

Improved Movie
Finally for those out there wanting a digital SLR for movie this Panasonic camera now adds both in built sound recording and adds an external Microphone jack for you to record sound separately from a hot shoe mic.

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