Canon EOS 60Da - Newly announced!

This morning, Canon UK announced the EOS 60Da – further expanding their DSLR line-up with a high resolution camera designed for astrophotography.

Some might remember the EOS 20Da, launched back in 2005, and the 60Da succeeds this and is designed to capture the rich red colours that are produced by emission nebulae, with a modified low pass filter that makes it more sensitive to hydrogen-alpha (Hα) wavelengths of light. And of course, the camera itself is based around the specification of the Canon EOS 60D.

So why use the EOS 60Da over a regular Digital SLR to shoot astronomical phenomena? A standard DSLR includes an infrared filter which limits the amount of Hα light that gets through to the sensor and reducing the amount of red that would normally be unwanted in your image. With the 60Da, the low pass filter has been modified in such a way that it is a lot more transparent, allowing the red signals to be captured, making it ideal to shoot things such as diffuse nebulae.

To help you capture clear, crisp images, the EOS 60Da houses an 18 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, with ISO speeds ranging up to 6,400 (expandable to 12,800). The 60Da sensor also provides excellent signal-to-noise ratio in final output data, producing images that are rich in natural colour with smooth tonal gradations – making it ideal for capturing the subtle colour transitions of interstellar gas clouds, for example.

The EOS 60Da also retains the 3.0” vari-angle LCD screen as seen on the 60D, which, when used with the Live View is ideal when composing your shots when using a tripod. The high quality of the LCD screen (1,040k-dot resolution) will allow you to review your shot after it has been taken in excellent detail.

When using the EOS 60Da, shooting long exposures is almost a certainty, so the use of the TC-80N3 timer remote (optional extra) and ACK-E6 AC adapter (supplied) are recommended, as using the remote would not disturb the camera after you have set it up and the AC adapter would provide continuous power throughout the shoot. When combined with the EOS Utility software, this will add yet more flexibility without disturbing the camera, allowing you have control over the settings, or view the image you have taken on your PC or Mac. This operates when the camera is connected to your computer via a USB Cable.

The EOS 60Da is available from Park Cameras. As a Canon EOS Pro Dealer, we will receive some of the first cameras available in the UK. For further details and to place a pre-order, visit http://www.parkcameras.com/23670/Canon-EOS-60Da-Body-Only.html.

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