NEW Nikon D3200

Celebrate your memories with the powerful
yet incredibly easy-to-use D3200
On 19th April 2012, Nikon launched their latest Digital SLR: the D3200.

The D3200 takes a step on from the D3100, increasing the resolution to 24.2 effective megapixels with their newly developed DX-format CMOS image sensor. The D3100 in comparison boasts 14.2 effective megapixels. This allows you to take extremely high quality images with the freedom to then enlarge or crop them to your preference. This image sensor also allows you to take excellent quality images in low light or of fast moving subjects, with low levels of noise due to its wide light sensitivity. The ISO ranges from 100-6400 but can be raised as high as 12,800 giving you even more flexibility in low light conditions.
These key advances in technology has come about in the D3200 as it has been developed with Nikons EXPEED 3 image-processing engine that can be found in the likes of the D800 and their flagship DSLR the D4. This gives you not only a fast processing speed and excellent colour reproduction, but also enhances the quality of movie that you can record, which is of course in Full HD (now at 30fps) as is becoming standard on Digital SLRs across the board. Adding the optional ME-1 stereo microphone enhances the sound quality further compared to the in-built microphone, and instant post-production is now possible in camera with the easy-to-use edit movie function.

Taking photos of action shots is no problem when using the D3200 and it continues to use Nikon’s reliable and accurate 11-point autofocus system combined with 3D-tracking. This enables you to capture fast-moving subjects in sharp focus. Combined with continuous shooting at 4fps, the perfect moment won’t be missed.

With the D3200, Nikon have tried to ensure that capturing your memories is still as easy to do whether you are familiar with Digital SLRs, or are new to photography all together. Utilising their Guide Mode, the camera gives you step by step assistance to take pictures in a range of common situations such as close-ups or portraits. Take this further with the advanced operation, and you can be even more creative shooting sunsets or freezing motion, setting the camera to achieve the best possible results. The camera will also give you helpful information along the way in order to help you understand the settings required to achieve the results you want. Of course, the standard Scene modes are still available for selection on the mode dial, along with the more manual settings for when you feel more confident using the camera.

Sending your images via e-mail or to a smart device (such as a smartphone or tablet) is also now made possible wherever you are with the addition of the optional WU0a1 wireless adapter.  This is a USB dongle that creates a wireless connection to your device transferring photos or movies, or working the other way and allowing you to release the cameras shutter remotely from the device – ideal for taking self portraits or to preview images on a larger tablet screen before shooting. For this to work, please note that a dedicated application is required, and can be downloaded from the Google Pay store for the Android 2.3 series (smartphone) or the Android 3.x series (tablet).

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