Incredible deals on Olympus accessories

At Park Cameras we currently have a range of Olympus accessories at low prices, and have a few special offers available that are only available whilst stock lasts. Please see below the products that are currently available.

Olympus FL-14: Flash designed for Micro Four Thirds 

This compact flash is designed for use with Olympus’ PEN range of cameras and is styled to be in-keeping with the retro look of the classic Olympus Pen F. Extending the creative opportunities to you, particularly in low-light conditions, this flash allows you to control the setting directly from the camera LCD and offers red-eye reduction, slow synchronisation and second curtain synchronisation.
There is also the option of TTL Auto, Auto and Manual modes.

Please note that two AAA batteries are required to power this flash. We recommend rechargeable batteries

The FL-14 is currently in stock for only £74.99.

Olympus BLS-1 Battery Pack

This rechargeable battery is used for the for E-400/ E-410/ E-420/ E-450/ E-620/ E-P1/ E-P2/ E-PL1. This battery also replaces BLS-5 battery for use in E-PM1/ E-PL3/ EP-3.

The only difference between this battery and the BLS-5 is that the BLS-5 satisfies the latest 2012 requirements for chargers to turn off when the battery is fully charged. So this battery will charge in the BCS-5 (supplied with the latest PEN range) but just will work in the same way as the BCS-1 (which has worked well for years!). Both are 1150mAh so last exactly the same length of time.

The BLS-1 is currently in stock for only £29.99.

Olympus MMF-2 Four Thirds Adapter

When using this adapter, you will be able to use any lens in the four thirds range lenses on your Micro Four Thirds Camera!

Please note, when using a ZUIKO DIGITAL lens, which is incompatible to high-speed contrast AF it is recommended to shoot in the "S-AF+MF" mode and adjust if it is necessary.

The MMF-2 is currently in stock for only £74.99.

Olympus PENPAL PP-1

In the current era of photography, sharing pictures with friends or relatives can be a very handy thing to be able to do quickly and without hassle. You too can share your photos with your Olympus PEN when using the PENPAL PP-1.

This simply snaps into the accessory port 2 found on top of your PEN camera and can then send pictures to your friends, your smartphone, your laptop or even another Olympus PEN! It does this via Bluetooth and automatically resizes them to ensure they are suitable for use on internet sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

If you are a bit of a technophobe, fear not, as no technical skills are necessary and it can store up to 2,600 pictures – so you’ll have plenty to share!

This is compatible with all smartphones using Android 2.3 or newer.

The PENPAL PP-1is currently in stock for only £39.99.

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