Kelly Moore camera bag review

In 2009 Kelly Moore released a range of bags which have now become a worldwide success. These aren’t just any bags though; they are a range of stylish, versatile and very colourful SLR bags that offer ‘as much style as they do function’. I’m thrilled to announce that these bags are now available at Park Cameras and I’ve been putting them through their paces this week!

The full range will soon be available but this week I’ve been looking at the Kelly Boy, the Posey 2, the Libby and the Classic. I must say that at first glances I’m very impressed with the design and the thought that’s gone into these bags. They are unlike any camera bag I have ever seen before and although they’re not leather, they’re certainly of a high standard offering excellent and long lasting quality. All bags even come with a canvas draw string bag for protection when not in use. In my opinion though, why wouldn’t you want to use one of these bags all the time!

All of these bags come with an amount of strong, padded dividers which can be removed and added where you please, allowing you to safely accommodate all the equipment you might need, or wish to carry. Also the Kelly Boy and the Libby each come with a long divider allowing you to fit up to a 17’’ laptop within the main compartment. There’s also space for an iPad in the back of each of these bags.

As well as ample space for your camera gear, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the amount of pouches, pockets and zipped compartments these bags comprise of; perfect for storing daily essentials such as your phone, keys, purse, makeup and diary.

The Posey 2 and the Libby can both be hand held should you wish to maintain the stylish appearance of an ordinary hand bag. They both look the part but if you need a bit of a rest, or need to be hands-free, all 4 of these bags come with a long shoulder strap which can be attached and detached with such ease. These straps can be lengthened how you please and there’s a comfy shoulder pad for you, helping to carry the weight of some of your heavier equipment.

The Posey 2 and the Classic are of a compact size, ideally designed as a day bag and to hold up to 3 lenses with one mid-sized SLR body. The Posey has 3 compartments so you’d need to keep your body attached to the middle lens. The Classic however has 4 compartments but offers less height so the body would need to be sat on its side in one of the compartments.
If you’re looking for a bag that will hold more though, look no further than the Kelly Boy or the Libby. The Libby is the larger of the two offering space for a laptop, 4 lenses and 2 mid-sized bodies, or possibly a laptop, 6 smaller lenses and a body or two attached. The Kelly Boy will comfortably house a laptop, 3 lenses and a mid-sized body, or 4 smaller lenses and a body attached. These bags are ideal for a long day out or weekend away.

The main thing I love about the entire Kelly Moore range is that not only are all of these bags stunning, but they’re well made, secure, and convenient. Above all though, they don’t look like you’re carrying around potentially hundreds or even thousands of pounds of equipment. This in itself is very appealing.

These are certainly ‘Moore’ than your typical camera bag, and it’s fantastic to finally be given the choice of style over bland and conventional. Enjoy!

Sarah Butler
Park Cameras Ltd.

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