Canon release - EOS 7D Firmware Upgrade version 2.0.0

Canon have recently announced a new EOS 7D Firmware upgrade - version 2.0.0. This update enhances the camera through 11 changes to its specifications. Canon have developed this major firmware upgrade after listening to the feedback and requests from their customers. They have also included a number of functions introduced on newer models to further enhance this mid segment camera.

The changes this firmware delivers can be divided into three areas, an improved RAW burst count that expands the range of shooting moving objects, support for the new GP-E2 GPS receiver, and the addition of many new features that improve the ease of use and the ability to customise the camera.

CLICK HERE to view more information on the firmware upgrade, detailing the improvements. We have also compiled a step by step guide to updating your Canon EOS 7D, detailing the full procedure.

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