Nikon Introduces the Nikon 1 J2

Last week, Nikon UK announced their latest addition to their relatively new ‘1 series’ of interchangeable lens cameras, with the J2.

The Nikon 1 cameras have been specifically designed for users that have been using a compact camera for a while, and wish to be more creative, yet don’t want the size of a traditional Digital SLR. Nikon have also designed them in such a way that high-speed performance can be achieved in a variety of situations, by incorporating an advanced hybrid autofocus system.

Looking the J2 specifically, Nikon have increased the range of colours available in comparison to the J1, allowing more individuality (although not all the colours might be to everyone’s tastes!). The J2 has retained the simple, sleek design that was previously seen on the J1 with a minimal number of buttons, most of which are flush with the body. Metal has also been adopted for various components including the camera’s top cover and mode dial for a better texture and increased elegance. On the red and pink models you will also find that the front cover of the camera is slightly textured to fit in with the new metal ‘feel’ of the camera itself.

The functionality of the J2 has changed slightly from its predecessor, with a new setting to be found on the mode wheel: Creative Mode. This allows you to easily change between a range of effects to add more variety to your images. Many users purchasing a J2 will be familiar with what these creative modes have to offer, as they are commonly found on the latest compact digital cameras. You can choose from Miniature Effect, Selective Colour, Soft (recreates the feeling of softness as if being in a pool of warm sunlight), Backlighting, Night landscape, Night portrait and Easy panorama.

With the J2, you will also be able to see your images a lot better on the rear LCD screen as Nikon have kept the size the same at 3.0”, but has increased the resolution to 921k-dots compared to 460k-dot on the J1.

Other than this, the J2 is the same as the J1, in that it has a Nikon CX format CMOS sensor recording at 10.1 effective megapixels, can take up to 60 frames per second, has a built in flash (operated by a sliding control), has the ability to automatically start shooting before the shutter button has even been pressed, can record in Full-HD (up to 20 minutes) and can even simultaneously record movies and stills without dropping a single frame.

The J2 is of course compatible with all the current Nikon 1 lenses, including their latest addition; the 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 lens. When attached to a Nikon 1 camera, this would give you the equivalent of a 35-74mm in 35mm format. This is smaller and lighter than Nikon’s 10-30mm VR lens at just 57.5mm (diameter) x 31mm (distance from camera lens mount flange when lens is retracted) and weighing just 83grams. You’ll also find a button on the side of the lens that can be used to turn the J2 on or off. Sadly this cannot be used to do the same when attached to the J1 or V1.

You can add a range of accessories to the J2 such as cases, grips and filters, as well as Nikons newly announced WP-N1 underwater housing. This will work with both the J1 and J2, and allows you to take creative images up to 40 metres underwater. This housing keeps the Nikon 1 theme of being sleek and lightweight, although has been designed in such a way that, although lightweight, it won’t float away. Every other function can be used such as the zoom and movie record functions.

The J2 should be available in store at Park Cameras from early September. For full details and to place a pre-order to ensure you receive one of the first cameras in the UK, please see our dedicated Nikon J2 page.

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