Pentax announce the new K-5 II

Pentax have announced the latest model in its range of Digital SLRs, with the Pentax K-5 II and the K-5 IIs.

The K-5 II and K-5 IIs, follow on from the hugely successful Pentax K-5, and features a newly developed highly sensitive SAFOX X AF module and a highly sensitive AF sensor, which perform very well in low-light conditions and offers increased autofocus accuracy when used with very fast lenses.

Like the original K-5, the K-5 II has retained compact, solid body, contrasted from magnesium allow and stainless steel. In additional to this, it is full weather sealed and coldproof (up to -10oC), using it’s 77 seals to resist water, fog, sand, snow and dust. This allows you to shoot confidentially whether out in extreme conditions, or in a studio environment.  The shutter unit has also been built very sturdily, and should be able to withstand as many as 100,000 shutter releases.
With the K-5 II, Pentax have also retained the 3.0” LCD screen (using around 921,000 dots), but have improved it using Air Gap Free technology. The idea of this is to reduce the amount of reflection and dispersion of the light, which in turn should reduce brightness and ‘ghost images’. This has been done by sandwiching a resin layer between the front glass panel and the LCD screen and coating the glass panel with anti-glare film. The front panel is also made out of tempered glass, in attempt to keep it free from any scratches or abrasions that may come its way.
Current K-5 owners will be familiar with a range of the other features found on the K-5 II, including a fast capture rate of 7 frames per second, and high sensitivity range (80-51,200 ISO) and Full-HD video which can be delivered straight to an HD TV via the HDMI port.

The K-5 IIs, has been launched in conjunction with the K-5 II, and does not include the anti-aliasing filter, making it perfect for those who value image resolution above all other factors. Anti-aliasing filters and commonly found in most Digital SLRs, and decreases high frequencies and distortion, but at the same time reduces the level of detail. With the filter removed, the opportunities are there for deeply rich, detailed imagery, and is ideal for studio and commercial photography or to capture stunning landscapes and scenes with maximum depth of field and clarity.

The K-5 II and the K-5 IIs are due to arrive in the early part of October this year. Full details and pre-orders are available at www.parkcameras.com/Search/K-5%20II/ or by calling 01444 23 70 70.

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