Elinchrom Ranger RX Quadra Pro Set and location photography

A friend of mine called me the other month to shoot some promotional photos for his bike company. He wanted some a little edgy and contemporary that promoted that they were a British brand and were based in London.

So on a bright sunny Sunday I met him and our model in Westminster, armed with a Nikon D700, 35mm & 85mm’s along with an Elinchrom Quadra RX. I wanted portability and speed as London is notoriously bad for photographers shooting in tourist locations, so I wanted to grab the shots and move on quickly before we drew too much attention to ourselves.

What I love about the Elinchrom system (aside from size) is the Skyport Trigger system, as it allows you to change the flash power on the pack without having to go over and adjust it, this lets you just get on with shooting. What I don’t love is the weight, although much lighter than a traditional studio light, after carrying it around all day I had certainly had enough of it. Speedlites are much lighter, but are nowhere near as powerful, so that’s your trade off. For me I would rather the extra power and flexibility that this brings, not to mention that flash guns run out of power reasonably quickly.

If you’re new to photography or at least to studio photography then it’s a noticeably different from using a speedlite. You have to shoot in manual and spend time setting it up for each scene. As such the shoots tend to be more time consuming, but you get to control the light and scene more accurately. Now for the blatant plug; if you’re keen on learning more about studio photography / location shooting have a look at our School of Photography website section, we run courses on both of these areas.

So after a whole day of shooting, one battery and about five hundred shots I was finished. The Ranger on the other hand would quite happily do it all again. It’s worth noting that since this shoot Elinchrom have released a kit with a lithium battery, which is a little lighter than the Lead Gel type I used.

Nick Brooks
Park Cameras

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