Hands on with the Lensbaby Spark

Lensbaby’s have been around since about 2008, but have often been over looked. I think this is due to being seen as niche product. Recently, I personally feel people have tended to take photography too seriously. The tide may be turning though; with the HUGE popularity of Instagram and retro look photography in general.

This essentially revolves around what many would refer to as “bad photography”. Technically this new breed of photography is poor, or at least not always 100% in focus or correctly exposed - and with lens flare becoming increasing common I think people have really discovered how to have fun again.

And this is what a Lensbaby is made for, as the name suggests, it’s not taking itself too seriously. It knows that if you’re the kind of person that has to, just has to get the photo pin sharp with a massive depth of field, it is not for you. Aspiring Ansel Adams’ take heed.

Their newest offering, the Lensbaby Spark is very simple to operate, adjust the focusing by compress it back and forth; this adjusts the plain of focus to give an almost tilt shift like effects in this regard. Although this makes the results slightly inconsistent when compared to the Lensbaby Composer for example, it does make for a fun and fast use product.

A little tip when focusing; none of the current Digital SLR’s are designed especially for manual focus, so I have found it easier to use Live View, taking advantage of the large three inch screen most modern cameras have.

The main fault, in my opinion, with the Lensbaby Spark is the lack of any electronics, this means you have to meter manually (which may cause problems if you have not used to using the manual settings on your camera).


No electronics for metering
Low quality optics
Difficult to manual focus when not using Live View

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