In Lowepro’s own words this product was designed for photojournalists, yet found overwhelming popularity with the enthusiasts. The simple yet ergonomic design became a widely adopted fast-access system across many other bags on sale today. The Lowepro Slingshot 202 AW is ideal for photographers wanting to keep their camera safe without the frustration of de-mounting their camera bag at a moments notice to quickly grab a picture.


The Olympus PEN E-PL3 is the mid-level Olympus PEN camera that gives SLR image quality. The E-PL3 slightly departs from the retro style of its predecessors and its bigger brother the Olympus PEN E-P3 but still keeps the charm we have grown to love about the Olympus cameras.


At Park Cameras we are delighted to inform all of our valued customers that once again we have been awarded a Gold Good Service Award for Independant High Street Retailer as recognised by the readers of What Digital Camera and Amateur Photographer.

Whilst our aim has always been to offer our customers the very highest levels of customer service, without our valued customers taking the time to vote receiving awards such as this would not be possible – a big thank you from the entire Park Cameras team with the promise of more of the same in 2012!


Fujifilm have been on a good run recently with the launch last year of the superb X100, followed by the more diminutive but equally desirable X10. These digital cameras are part of an increasing trend that try to compete with the usual dslr cameras, and are enjoying great success. Fujifilm have taken the latest innovations in the X series and put them to good use in the new X-S1.

This is Canon’s latest offering in the high end compact segment or professional’s choice, resolving a few issues and expanding upon a popular range of features. The Powershot S100 now features an all improved 5x Optical Zoom lens, now starting at the essential 24mm focal length extending out as far as 120mm (35mm equivalent). This broader lens range is sure to appeal especially as it has not sacrificed the camera’s popular f/2.0 aperture. The lens offers users the ability to focus upon items a mere 3cm in front of its lens, making macro photography a sinch.

The last couple of years has seen the birth and remarkable rise of a new category of cameras that fall under the Compact System Camera (CSC) umbrella. The concept behind these cameras is to offer the quality advantages of digital SLRs with the convenience and simplicity of compact cameras. This new market segment has attracted the interest of many notable names including Panasonic, Olympus, Sony,Samsung and more recently Pentax. The two giants of photography, Canon and Nikon were conspicuous by their absence. Well, that was until today. Of these two fierce competitors it is Nikon who have made the first move with the launch of a new system that they are calling Nikon 1.


Nikon have release the new D7000, like with many recent products its one of the worst kept secrets around, but just in case you missed the news announcements the new Nikon D7000 is packed with tons of new feature and make it probably one of the biggest technological leaps from Nikon since they switch over to CMOS sensors.


Today I got my hands on the new Canon EOS 60D for the first time, and am suitably impressed! When I read the initial press release back in August I had some reservations about some of the design features, but having put the camera through its paces I have to say that Canon seem to have built another DSLR worthy of the EOS brand.

It's worth mentioning before you read any further that the EOS 7D is not a replacement for the EOS 50D, it fits in below the EOS 5D mkII and above the EOS 50D. This camera is aimed at a completely different user to the EOS 5D mkII, this camera was built from the ground up to fit a gap in the market.

Having recently reviewed the Olympus PEN E-P1, I was hugely impressed with its abilities in almost any situation, Olympus has progressed their camera one step further with the addition of an optional electronic viewfinder, the VF-2, making it more flexible when shooting in bright sunlight. This might sound like a simple addition to assist some photographers, but when you consider its size and weight this is an addition that will benefit most of the users that the Olympus E-P2 is aimed at.

We let renowned wildlife photographer loose with the new Canon EOS 1D MKIV. See how he gets on below.

Canon EOS 1d Mark IV AF System

I have been shooting wildlife images for some 30 years, both professionally for 13 years and digitally since April, 2004 when I purchased a professional Canon 1D Series Body.  Since then I have also used a number of Canon DSLR's including the Canon 1D MkIIICanon 40D and Canon EOS 5D MKII. This is not an 'in depth' review but the initial views of a working photographer on the cameras AF system and file quality.  Following the controversy that surrounded it's predecessor's AF system my first thoughts were how well would this perform. 

As an existing Canon EOS 1D Mark III user I was very excited at the prospect of testing out Canon's latest offering in the world of professional sport cameras, the highly anticipated Canon EOS 1D Mark IV. As you unpack the box, you will initially notice that the box is now smaller, this is because Canon have decided not to include the AC adapter.

Since its release in 2009 the Micro Four Thirds Mount has already gained cult status online with many photographers.

As one of the manufacturers at the forefront of this mount, Panasonic has become synonymous with this new format. Panasonic wanted this camera to bring a little more diversity to the micro four thirds mount, taking the first Micro four thirds camera (the Panasonic G1) and refining the design.

Photo accessory manufacturer Hahnel have announced a new addition to their extensive range of products with the new Combi TF.

This excellent and innovative offering is aimed at studio photographers and the Combi TF is, as the name suggests, a two part offering of remotre shutter release and flash firing.

The kit itself includes a remote release and a receiver (as shown right) plus a series of interchangeable cables for shutter release mechanisms for the different camera manufacturers.


Quantum are well known to most photo journalist both for their own high powered TTL flashes, the QFlash Trio, and their high performance power packs for cameras and Canon and Nikon flash guns. They offer photographers the ability to shoot continuously for long periods without having to worry about the AA batteries dying halfway through a shoot and with much faster recycle times than normal.

The new Canon XF300/XF305 sets extraordinary boundaries of image quality within the industry allowing videographers to have broadcast quality from a handheld unit. For those that attended BVE earlier in the year, you will recall the blacked out silhouette present at the event, and although Canon were very tight-lipped over the specifications the brand did concede that it would be a flash based camcorder – Canon’s first professional unit.

Highly popular general purpose Canon lens for APS-C sized sensor Canon Cameras

The Canon EF-S 18-135mm is a general purpose lens balancing size, weight and focal length giving you the best lens for every situation. With built in Image Stabilisation like many of the Canon lenses , offer the equivalent of 4 stops hand shake reduction, so even the most unstable hand will still get a clean, clear and sharp image.

The only feature this lens lack which you would expect in a Canon lens is the built in Ultra Sonic Motor (USM) which all the higher end lenses come with, these motor drives the lens giving faster and quieter autofocus. However despite this the lens is still very quiet and fast at focusing though for aspiring sports photographers you may want to consider a faster lens.

The lens offers a compromise with price built quality and features; giving users a cheaper alternative to the Canon EF-S 18-200mm and at £449.99, which means it’s effectively half the recommended price, making it a real no brainer.

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