The Wedding Photographers Equipment List

If you have ever yearned to become a wedding photographer it is crucial to invest in gaining the necessary skills, experience and importantly photographic equipment.

Training and experience is important and most wedding photographers initially start by photographing a friend or relatives wedding. Additional training can also be undertaken to supplement your knowledge, here at Park Cameras we offer the perfect introduction to wedding photography with a day’s workshop with awards winning wedding photographer Peter Prior.

Once you have a number of weddings under your belt, perhaps attended a training course and are confident to undertaking all those referrals, it is time to take the plunge and go pro.

So the next step is choosing your equipment, almost definitely most wedding photographers will be using Full frame DSLR’s.

Why full frame?

The reasons for using full frame are as follows:
  • Wide angle capability - With a full frame sensor camera  you are able to use wide angle lenses such as 24mm for group shots without worrying about crop factors, generally these wide angle zooms tend to have wider apertures which are ideal for low light use
  • Low light performance - Although the modern crop sensor models allow for light low use, the full size sensor cameras do offer far superior quality when shooting at high ISO’s. There are certain situations in which flash cannot be used such as in the interior of the church and in these conditions it is sometimes necessary to increase the ISO to 6400, 12800 or even 25,000.
  • Increased Bokeh - This is the Japanese term meaning  “blur” , this effect lens itself beautifully portraits. The increase in sensor size means depth of focus is decreased which when coupled with a telephoto lens and a wide aperture gives more bokeh / lens blur in the background.
  • Perception - Although modern crop sensor DSLR models are more than capable of producing quality that is suitable for wedding photography an important factor to consider is
Often family members and other guests will turn up at a wedding and capture the events of the day with a modern DSLR.

You however, as the professional photographer, have to prove your worth and as such you do not want to be seen using the same camera as other guests. It is advisable to be seen using a professional model, one which is out of the reach of most amateur users.

Build quality / user functionality

All  full frame cameras tend to be either semi or professional  in terms of the market they cater for and as such generally means that the build quality tend to be fair higher, the feature set better and often models include features which are seen as advantageous such as dual recording capability for backup, faster write times and frame. The pro spec bodies also tend to be better put together and are designed to work continually and in all conditions.

In conclusion, the standard kit used by a wedding photographer would include following
Anthony Sinfield
Training Manager - Park Cameras


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