FUJIFILM launch X-M1 plus lenses & X-Pro 1 / X-E1 firmware update!

We’ve been big fans of the Fuji X-series of CSC cameras since the release of the X-Pro1 at the start of last year, so we’re always excited when we hear of new additions to the line up. In the small hours of this morning Fuji announced the latest to the family; the X-M1.

At a lower price (£599.00 for the body and £679.00 for the kit) the X-M1 is aimed at a wider audience than the two other models which have begun to form a cult following of keen photographers.

If any of you attended our annual Imaging Festival at the weekend you’ll may have met photographer Dave Wall who ran two seminars on the X-series range, and is a massive fan of the range.

The X-M1 shares the companies preference for a retro style, which we love, but makes the camera a little more friendly to those new to photography or who don’t constantly want to shoot in manual/aperture priority. With the simple addition of a mode dial it makes the camera so much easier to pick up and shoot for those new to the range. Impressively Fujifilm manage do this without compromising the balance and fluid design.

Sharing the same sensor as the higher spec’d X-E1 the X-M1 has the highly rated 16MP sensor and the EXR II processor. The most noticeable difference between the two is the viewfinder present on the X-E1, and the articulating screen present on the X-M1. The X-M1 weighs in a massive 20g lighter but is noticeably smaller in the hand.

As is the trend these days the X-M1 now incorporates WIFI image transfer to a smartphone, tablet or PC. This is a nice feature but one I am personally not completely sold on as it’s much faster to transfer via a card reader for large amount of files.

All in all, a great little camera that’s a fine addition to the range - whilst it’s no X-Pro1 it can only encourage people to begin their X-series journey, and so realise what fantastic cameras they are.

Also of note this morning was the official announcement of the 27mm “pancake” lens. It’s been on the road map for a while; they even had a mock up at Focus. Whilst not as small as some pancake lenses from other manufactures its looks to be a great travel companion for those trying to save weight. We think it would go really well with the X-M1 and kind of wished they’d made it in a kit as an ultra small pocket sized CSC. Think of it’s as a good all rounder.

Finally, if any of you own an X-Pro 1 or X-E1 today Fujifilm have announce another firmware update this morning for the cameras which vastly improves the autofocus performance in my opinion, add it to the top of your “to do” list as it transforms the cameras!

FUJIFILM X-E1 firmware update
FUJIFILM X-Pro 1 firmware update

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