Sony announce RX100 II & RX1R

Although the compact market is in decline its still heartwarming to see two new additions to the Sony lineup.
First we have the RX100II which as its name suggests is a replacement for the RX100.  Based on the same body and design the RX100 II is a high quality pocket sized compact which gives impressive results despite its small form factor.  There’s been a slight change in the design with the inclusion of the tiltable LCD (which is otherwise unchanged) which makes low/high angle shooting a little easier.

The new camera features a new backlit CMOS sensor which should reduce the amount of noise in low light (which is handy as the ISO now extends up to an impressive 12,800) which Sony claim is 40% more effectient in low light.

Like most other cameras coming out these days it too has built in WiFi and like one of their biggest rivals it too can be controlled by a mobile phone. Though more helpful to most is the addition of the multi interface shoe allowing the connection of external flashguns or potentially an electronic view finder. Otherwise there are a number of updates which can only make the camera better; notably an improved battery life. Overall a nice update to an already very impressive compact camera. CLICK HERE for more information and to pre-order.

Secondly, we have the new Sony RX1R. Cameras without low pass filters are normally found in the reaches of the high end  DSLR (ie D800e) making them somewhat of a novelty for most people. Just to explain without the low pass filter the camera should be able to resolve much better detail and clarity the catch is that is can sometimes cause moirĂ© and will require more post production work.

The RX1 isn’t exact a cheaper alternative more of just an alternative. The RX1R (thankfully) will be priced the same (SRP) as the RX1 giving people the choice without a price hike. CLICK HERE for more information and to pre-order.

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