Since opening in 2008, thousands of customers have visited our flagship showroom, located on the Victoria Business Park in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, where customers have been able to try an unprecedented number of photographic products all under one roof. We have taken a significant investment to completely redevelop the Panasonic area of the showroom, improving customers’ shopping experience and showcasing the latest products available across their compact camera, compact system camera, and camcorder range including Panasonic’s LUMIX GH5. It is now easier than ever for customers to try the latest products using Park Cameras’ innovative showroom.


Nikon have today unveiled the latest addition to their DSLR range, the D7100. Sitting at the top of Nikon’s enthusiast-level DX format range, the camera is set to prove popular with Nikon enthusiasts and attract some new photographers too.


Wouldn't it be great to have a camera that you can always carry with you and use wherever you go? It sounds simple enough, but with their delicate and sometimes fragile components, particularly the lens, cameras aren't always the best travellers. Many of us have learnt the hard way that water, dust, sand and cameras do not mix.

The Olympus Tough range have built an excellent reputation for taking knocks and bumps in their stride, and their new flagship model for 2013, the TG-2, is even tougher. 


Focus points as seen through
a typical DSLR’s viewfinder.
All Digital SLR cameras utilize an auto focus system that employs multiple focus points, the exact number depending on the make, model and ultimately price point of the camera. The number of focus points tends to differ from as little as 3 found on lower specified models to 63 found on the highest spec / most expensive models.

However regardless of these factors one problem that Digital SLR owners tend to experience is the cameras tendency by default to focus on the subject closest to the cameras as opposed to the subject required.


On 7th February 2013, the Amateur Photographer Awards took place at the Film Museum, County Hall, London. At this event, awards were presented to those products that were deemed to be the best throughout the last year, in no less than 16 different categories. To see the winners, visit www.amateurphotographer.co.uk.

The What Digital Camera and Amateur Photographer Good Service Awards were presented at the same event. These awards are voted for by customers who felt that the store they voted for were able to provide them with the right information, the right products and at a good price.


If a picture paints a thousand words, then what can you say with video? For many of us, making a move sounds like hard work, yet with an innovative product from Steadicam, you could be making your own amazing movies in no time at all.

The best camcorder is without doubt the one that you have with you at the time, and for most of us that means our smartphone. The iPhone has a great built-in video camera and can capture superb footage. However, the key to a great movie is keeping the motion smooth and eliminating camera shake, and that’s where the Steadicam Smoothee can help out.


We have given a lucky customer the ultimate reward by giving their money back on the Canon EOS 6D after winning our recent prize draw.
Winner Olivia Fairfax collects
her cheque from showroom
Manager Chris Reszke
Olivia Fairfax is the Winner!

From the moment the Canon EOS 6D was announced in September 2012, we gave all customers purchasing the camera the chance to win their money back on the price paid for the body. With the EOS 6D being a smaller, lighter, more affordable full-frame DSLR, this proved a popular choice for many visitors to our showroom and website. The lucky winner, drawn at random from the large number of entrants was Olivia Fairfax. Olivia was on holiday when she was informed of her good fortune, but was nonetheless delighted to discover she was the lucky winner!

Park Cameras spoke to renowned wildlife & landscape photographer Guy Edwardes to find out his Top 10 photographic tips for landscape photography and how to produce the best possible images.

1. Get up early

Low-angled light can transform the landscape by revealing texture and enhancing colour. Although decent landscape images can be taken throughout the day, the soft warm light just after sunrise undoubtedly offers the best conditions. The greater likelihood of misty conditions can further enhance the atmosphere in your images. Don’t forget that pre-sunrise light can also be very moody.


The MX-1 is a superb new addition to the Pentax range and sits at the top of their compact line up. Manufacturers are increasingly aiming their compact models at the enthusiast, and the Pentax is no exception. The styling and naming are a clear nod to Pentax’s popular MX series of SLR models, which was introduced way back in 1976.