Canon 600 EX RT Speedlight review

The Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT is a versatile flash aimed towards professional photographers. Currently with £60 cashback from Canon, this makes it a great time to consider this flash, if you’re looking to upgrade. But what makes it so good? This week we've taken it out and about to test to find out. 

Trying out the unit earlier this week, the Canon 600EX-RT speedlight is probably the most advanced flash unit available from any manufacturer and a truly impressive piece of technology.

Features include:

Replacing the 580EX II at the top of Canons’ speedlight range the 600RT-EX offers an improved guide number of 60 and a zoom range from 20-200mm built in to the flash head (with the pop down diffuser covers a 14mm full frame lens too).

It is the radio controlled features that really set the 600EX-RT apart from lesser flash units allowing remote control of the flash and any compatible attached camera over far greater distances than infrared based systems. Up to 15 other 600 EX- RT’s can be controlled from one 600EX-RT.

The 600EX-RT has many other improvements compared to the 580EX II including a faster start-up time, improved LCD display and a superb new hot-shoe design, which actually cleans the hot-shoe contacts on the camera when it is attached!

Designed for professional use, the 600 EX RT integrates perfectly with the auto focus system of the EOS-1D X and 5D Mk III with the AF illuminator matching all 61 available points on these cameras.

Setting up multiple units is simple using the display panel on the flash or using the camera screen (if using the 1DX or 5D Mk III).

As the remote capability is radio controlled the effective range is much greater and line of site is not required. You can set a 4 –digit password for the channel you want to use to avoid interference from any other source (if working at an event where other 600RTs might be being used) and the 600RT will automatically scan for the strongest signal if requested to do so.

The 600EX-RT is water resistant to the same standard as the 1DX and has a wide range of custom functions so you can set it up exactly how you want to.

White balance filters are included with the flash and when attached send a signal to the camera setting the white balance automatically on later models.

With say two Canon 5D Mk III and two 600EX-RTs you could for instance at a basketball match set one camera up under the basket with a 600EX-RT attached and then shoot from the sidelines with another 600 EX RT equipped 5D Mk III and when you fire the sideline camera the under basket camera would automatically be triggered.

Here at Park Cameras, we currently have a great offer on the Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT at just £469.00 per unit saving over £346 the SRP. In addition to this, between 1st March and 7th May 2014 (inclusive), you can claim £60 cashback on this flashgun, so if you have been thinking of upgrading your flash - now is the time to do it! Visit our dedicated product page at ParkCameras.com, visit our London or Burgess Hill store, or call a member of our expert team on 01444 23 70 70. 

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