How to download your pictures onto your iPad

Over a year after first demonstrating the beta version, Lightroom for the iPad has finally been released.

The iPad is by default the most popular tablet sold and although there are numerous photo apps available such as PS Express, users have always yearned for more.
Sophisticated photo manipulation apps have however always struggled with the limited processing power offered by mobile tablets, with Lightroom Mobile however Adobe have produced a phenomenally powerful app with tremendous control.

One of the key features of Lightroom Mobile is the ability to sync images and subsequently changes to your master copy of Lightroom and associated images, this is all done via Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

So what do you need and how much does the app cost?

The three key components required are as follows

1)    A subscription to Adobe’s Creative cloud service (available from £8 per month), this gives access to Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud, Lightroom 5, Lightroom Mobile and all subsequent updates (including Lightroom 6 when it is released later in the year) as well as 20Gb Cloud storage for your images.

2)    Lightroom 5.4 – this is the latest version of Lightroom and allows for syncing of specific collections.

3)    An iPad (version 2 upwards, including the iPad mini) running OS 7 Regarding cost, the app itself is free and as mentioned part of the Creative Cloud suite costing £8.78 a month with a year’s subscription needed, only time will tell as to whether the app will be available separately, for the meantime though this only helps with Adobe’s pricing strategy and makes for a more attractive proposition.

So, now you want to download images off the camera, and onto the your iPad, Well, simply follow these simple instructions. 

  • If you have not done so already download and update your version of Lightroom to version 5.4
  • Download and install Lightroom Mobile on to your iPad (available via the App store)
  • Open Lightoom on your desktop / laptop  (the computer where you master catalogue resides). 
  • Sign in with your Adobe Creative Cloud details (e-mail address and password) (this is found at the top left hand side of the screen )
  • Navigate to the Library module and Select an existing collection (or create a new one) and right click next to the collection and Select Sync with Lightroom Mobile - This will start the sync .
  • On your iPad open the Lightroom Mobile
  • Log in with your Adobe Creative Cloud details (email address and password)
Your images will then be shown as a new collection.
Images can then be altered using the various options available including Exposure, Contrast, Clarity etc and all the other familiar tools. Any changes applied are then synched back and applied to your master files on your main computer.

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