Nikon Announce the new Nikon D810 - First impressions.

Nikon have announced the new Nikon D810 which replaces both the D800 and D800e models.

The D810 incorporates several technologies introduced with the flagship D4s but in a more compact body.

The brand new 36.3mp CMOS imaging chip is now coupled with the EXPEED 4 processor from the D4s and this has enabled an increase in frame rate from the previous models from 4 to 5fps and when used with the MB-D12 battery grip up to 7fps in DX mode.

The D810 also has no optical low-pass filter - the D800e had the low-pass filter cancelled whereas the D810 has no filter.
The D810 also inherits the Group Area AF system from the D4s for super fast and accurate AF performance - essential with the 36mp available- utilising 15 cross type AF sensors - 11 of which work down to F/8.

Several other refinements have been included on the D810 including:
  • Increased resolution rear screen 1229k dot with customisable colour-space
  • Split screen zoom magnification mode
  • Face detection when using AF with the optical viewfinder
  • Improved optical viewfinder with prism coating and OLED Information display
  • Improved high ISO performance and range (Extended option 32-51200)
  • Improved Metering performance
  • Improved Live View AF implementation
  • Electronic first shutter curtain option and re-designed mirror assembly to reduce shutter vibration
  • sRaw - half resolution and 1/4 the size of full raw files
  • Improved Moire software - Capture NX-D
  • 1080/60p Video support
  • Auto ISO in Manual mode
  • Clarity setting added to picture control adjustment parameters
  • 'Flat' picture control profile- ideal for maximum dynamic range for post-processing
  • Highlight weighted metering option - perfect for shooting spotlit subjects
  • Zebra stripes option in Live view
Handling the D810 naturally you are strongly reminded of the previous models - no bad thing!

The AF system certainly feels even more responsive and the improvement in Live View AF is pretty dramatic too.

Viewing your subject through the optical viewfinder is a pleasurable experience and no problem at all for glasses wearers- the screen is even brighter and clearer than the already excellent D800.

The hand grip has been subtly re-designed and now feels much more comfortable than the D800 being slightly narrower and deeper.

The rear LCD screen is a further improvement on the D800/D800E and really lets you check the details of those lovely 36mp images.

We have yet to be able to compare the high ISO capability but judging from test images and what we could see on-screen the improvement would seem to be at least a stop - so ISO6400 on the D810 looks like ISO 2500/3200 on the D800/D800e.

The increased frame rate and improved AF system make the D810 feel much 'snappier' than its predecessors and with up to 7fps available in DX mode using the MB-D12 it could now be considered suitable for virtually any situation - sports and action included.

So Nikon have incorporated many of the updated technologies from the D4 and D4s in to a compact high resolution body so we are sure it will have an even wider appeal than its predecessors.

The new D810 is due to become available in the UK in late July and here at Park Cameras we will be receiving some of the first cameras to be available in the UK.

To place an order or be added to our waiting list please click HERE or call 01444 23 70 70.

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