Events to photograph in August.

August being the height of the summer is packed with events to photograph.

We have selected a few events we think are well worth a visit with your camera and included some tips on how to get great photos while you are there.

This month, we have included some exceptional events outside the London area.

Thursday 7th-Sunday 10th August, Ashton Court, Bristol
Bristol Balloon Fiesta
Running over 4 days, Bristol Balloon Fiesta at Ashton Court, Bristol, is one of the events of the year.
There are normally two balloon ascents each day - one early morning and one early evening. Both a worth attending as the light will be different for both. In the morning, you will often find atmospheric mist to add mystery to your images - it is also normally less windy and therefore more likely the balloons will take off. There are also two Balloon Glows and two firework displays so tripods are the order of the day for these events.
This is one event where taking a tripod or monopod is a good idea as light levels can be quite low. We would suggest taking a selection of lenses if you have them - a wide-angle, mid range zoom and tele-zoom will all be useful. Position yourself near to the fence around the main arena and you should be able to shoot the balloons inside as they are inflated - you can get some great colours and patterns this way - often combined with flames from the powerful burners.
Once the balloons are inflated they normally take off in small batches so now you have the chance to capture several at once in the frame. A wide-angle will help get a colourful vista and a tele-zoom will allow you to zoom in on patterns and details.

All in all a great event and not to be missed.
Full details available HERE

Friday 15th to Sunday 17th August,Billing Aquadrome, Northampton
Northampton Balloon festival.
Northampton balloon festival has grown over the years and is now a major event. With over 100 balloons normally attending it is a great free show - ascents are early morning and early evening - usually 6am/6pm. On the Saturday night around 9pm there is a 'balloon glow' where the gallons are tethered and inflated and then illuminated from inside with their burners - spectacular!
Full details are HERE

Saturday 2nd August
London Beach Rugby, Wood Wharf. Canary Wharf station.
Sandpit touch rugby with 32 teams competing. Great for action shots with flying sand!
Full details available HERE

Saturday 9th, Sunday 10th August
Ride London
Two day festival of cycling across the city of London from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to The Mall and the Surrey countryside.
Full details are HERE

Saturday 9th, Sunday 10th August
Moomin Summer Madness, The Piazza, Covent garden.
Music and performances and a weekend of storytelling.
Full details are HERE

15th-17th August
Canary Wharf Jazz Festival, Canada Square Park, canary Wharf.
3 day festival of Jazz, free and a grey chance to get pictures of musicians in action.
Full details are HERE

Sunday 24th and Monday 25th August, Notting Hill Carnival, Notting Hill.
Notting Hill Carnival
The Carnival runs over the Sunday and Monday  days of the Bank Holiday weekend. On the Saturday it is the children's carnival - Saturday is much quieter and not as busy as Sunday/Monday so if it is your first visit this is the day to go. Costumes are still spectacular and there are great opportunities for great pictures. A wide-angle to short telephoto zoom and one camera would be a great kit to cover the carnival on any of the days - a flashgun to fire a burst of fill-in flash will help lift the shadows and even out the sometimes extreme contrast.
Full details are HERE

Monday 25th August Old Spitalfields Market
Market Paw Pageant
The dog event of the year - great chance to capture canines and their owners strutting their stuff.
Full details are HERE

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