The Canon EOS C100 - An affordable video production camera offering professional HD imaging

It can sometimes seem that every camera company on the market today offers some type of cinema grade camera. The basis of this post will be centred around Canon’s entry level version to their acclaimed EOS cinema line-up of cinema cameras. After the EOS C300 and the promising, more high-end EOS C500, we indie filmmakers get the EOS C100.

While most may be swayed by cameras such as the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, which is available in both passive EF and MFT mounts and Sony’s EA50 shoulder-camcorder style large sensor camera, Canon’s EOS C100 is, in my opinion, one of the strongest indie film cam cameras to be released in recent years. It is also (in my opinion) that the EOS C100 is great value for money as you really do get a lot of great on-board features.

Basically the C100 is a compact large sensor cinema camera just like the C300, but it lacks some of the C300′s features. The C300 certainly is a stunning camera. Although there are other cameras that have a higher bit depth and codec quality, the C300 has amazing lowlight performance and produces a very nice and sharp picture that competes with higher end cinema cameras. The C300′s price point of around 10k has made it out of reach for many independent filmmakers, forcing many of us to continue shooting on the good old crop sensor HDSLR’s – it is my opinion that the C100 bridges the vast gap between the crop sensor and cinema grade large sensor and, paired with the fact that the C100 utilises the EF mount, means that the hordes of us that have used and cherished many cameras from the EOS platform do not have the added headache of having to invest in a whole new range of Pro-Cine glass.

The C100 records in AVCHD, a codec that will down compress your footage to a 4:2:0 colour space. Although it is a little weird to see that limitation, many other specs are the same. There is no HD-SDI out, but the HDMI-out will deliver 4:2:2 for a better image recorded to a disk recorder such as the Atmos Ninja which will also have the added benefit of bringing you footage up to a Broadcast Standard bitrate of 50 mbps.

Another now optional added feature for the camera is the DAF (Dual Pixel Auto Focus) upgrade which will vastly improve the AF and AFC modes on the Camera. Not to worry if you have already purchased your C100 minus the upgrade as Canon will happily upgrade the C100 to Dual Pixel for the low price of around £400.

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