Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM announced

The Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM is one of the most popular L-series lenses offering a great telephoto range combined with image stabilisation.

Now after 15 years in production, Canon have announced it's successor - the EF 100-400mm  f/4.5-5.6L ISII USM.

Canon have upgraded every area of the new lens - which was criticised for a drop in optical performance at the 400mm end, combined with the limited effect of the IS system and some handling issues.

Image stabilisation is now claimed to offer 4 stops compensation compared to the original 1.5 stops. So with the original lens, you could handhold with confidence at around 1/160th of a second whereas the new lens should allow down to 1/30th. This is great if your subject is static and you don't need a fast shutter speed to freeze subject movement.

The zoom control has changed from a push-pull system to the more standard rotary zoom control and in the process strength and durability have been increased.

Range is great for
selecting small details
The optical performance has been dramatically upgraded with a new 21 element 16 group construction and 9 aperture blades for smooth out of focus areas.

The 100-400mm range is ideal for many subjects which are hard to get close to - sports, wildlife and aviation are all typical uses and for many people this range is much more useful that the typical 70-200mm range.

Canon have incorporated one Fluorite element and one Super UD lens to dramatically reduce chromatic aberration and to produce outstanding optical performance throughout the focal length and focussing ranges.

Superb for sports and action
On the EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM, you'll also find the minimum focus distance has been almost halved from 1.8m to 0.98m with a maximum magnification ration of 0.31 at minimum focus and maximum focal length.

Canon also incorporated ASC technology - which provides an ultra-low refractive index layer for ultimate flare suppression.

As with the existing lens, the Mark II has a torque adjustment ring to adjust the zoom torque - this has been further refined to make this adjustment more gradual.

Ideal for cityscapes
from a high viewpoint
The new lens has received a dust and water resistant construction to the same standard as the latest Canon super telephotos and incorporated Fluorine coating so water and oil can be easily wiped off. The new ET-83D lens hood (supplied) includes an opening hatch to allow you to rotate a polarising filter without removing the lens hood - neet touch!

The tripod mount has now been integrated in to the lens body for smoother operation and allows removal while still attached to the camera.

With all the upgrades and improvements, the lens has gained 4mm in overall length and around 110g in weight (both with tripod mount fitted).

It will be fascinating to see how much of an improvement Canon have made with the new lens - hopefully they will have made a similar leap to Nikon when they upgraded their 80-400 VR lens not so long ago.

The Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L ISII USM will be available in December 2014 and Park Cameras will have some of the first available stock in the UK.

Compress perspective by
shooting from a distance
The new lens is the prefect partner for the new EOS 7D II, and various bundle offers will be available. We will also be offering enhanced part exchange offers for your existing 100-400L or other Canon lens.

As a long time 100-400L mark one user, I cannot wait to get my hands on this new version - so watch out for a future blog review comparing both lenses!

Pre-order this lens by visiting our Burgess Hill or London stores, calling 01444 23 70 70, or by visiting www.ParkCameras.com.

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Anonymous said...

You say:
The new lens is the prefect partner for the new EOS 7D II, and various bundle offers will be available. We will also be offering enhanced part exchange offers for your existing 100-400L or other Canon lens.

Do you know when these offers will be available. (In time for a Christmas present :-)

Park Cameras said...

The lens itself should be available at some point in December 2014 (according to Canon UK), so it should be in time for Christmas!

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