New Firmware version announced for the Leica T camera

A new firmware version 1.3 for the Leica T (701) will be available on the 18th December.

This version offers significant performance improvements and some new features that simplify the overall handling;

- WiFi Set Up Menu: after connecting to a WiFi network an assistant menu comes into place asking whether to use the “Leica T APP” or the “WEB GALLERY” application.

- Auto rotate: extended version of Auto rotate mode: the image will be rotated when the camera is rotated in order to use full LCD size. This rotation is also active in “Auto Review” playback. 

- Brightness Simulation: the live view image in M exposure mode is now showing a brightness simulation of the resulting exposure; this function is also available in P, A, S when using “Exposure Compensation”. 

- M-adaptor and Dial use: when using the M adaptor, the “Focus Aid Function” - magnification 3x, 6x and off - is available in direct access on the left soft dial. 

- Digiscoping Scene Mode: in Digiscoping mode, the exposure is improved

- EVF: newly adapted graphic layout of the information bars in the EVF 

- Touch AF / Touch AF and Release: when using the Touch AF mode the last AF position will be kept, also if the camera is operated by the shutter release button. 

- Optional limited Focus range: a new AF mode is implemented which is active with certain upcoming lenses – the tele photo zoom lens. This mode offers a limited focus distance range in order to speed up the Auto Focus for certain photographic applications. 

- Scene Modes: AF modes can now be selected in scene modes 

Performance Improvements:

Start up time: the start up time is significantly shortened compared to the previous FW version (< 0,9s) 
Image Quality: improvement of the cameras internal digital image processing; new tone curves for JPG images are implemented which match DNG image impression 

Bug fixes & general performance improvements. The refinement of the firmware and diversification of the lens portfolio are important steps to improve and complete the system.  
The firmware can be downloaded here - http://en.leica-camera.com/Service-Support/Support/Downloads from the 18th December.

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