The Nikon Ball advert - what is it all about?

The latest advert from Nikon features a
photographer shooting images of a glass ball which then reflects the environment around and through it.

The featured photographer Andrius Aleksandravičius got the idea to use the glass ball after taking apart a kaleidoscope and seeing how the glass ball in the bottom gave a unique view.

Andrius uses a Nikon D5300 and Nikon 14-24mmf/2.8G AF-S ED lens, the 35mm f/1.8G DX lens, the PC-E 24mmf/3.5D and the 70-200mm f/2.8GII AF-S VR ED lens.

Nikon have produced a special section on their website which gives full details, videos and interviews with the photographer which you can access here.

It certainly is a fascinating and different way to capture an image and if you do not happen to have a glass ball to hand why not try other options - a Mirror of any size can be placed within any shot and angled to produce a relocation of whatever you wish. A frame can also prove effective in err 'framing' your subject.

Another great option is to use reflections - whether they be in water, glass or mirrors to create your image - photograph the relocation not the original subject or combine the two for a fascinating perspective. Distorted mirrors can also be extremely effective.

You could also shoot a subject through a window but use the window frame as part of the image.

If you want to try out the glass ball effect then suitable glass balls are readily available on eBay. from about £10 upwards - the larger the ball the more difficult they are to make and the more expensive they become.

As generally you will be holding the ball, a wide-angle zoom of prime 35mm lens would probably be the best choice for a lens to use. As the ball generally reverses the image then you could also for a note of surrealism reverse your image so the image in the ball is the right way up and the environment is upside down.

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Benjamin Toms said...

An excellent ad as always from Nikon.

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