Substantial firmware updates for the X-T1, delivering a new AF system for better capture of moving subjects among other improvements

Fuji have a great tradition of offering firmware upgrades for existing products to improve performance and functionality – for example the Fuji X100 AF upgrade transformed the performance of that camera.

Having produced a major firmware upgrade in December 2014, Fuji have just announced a firmware upgrade for the X-T1 model which promises to transform the AF performance of that model.

New zone and wide/Tracking modes have been added to the cameras capabilities using 77 AF points spread across the frame to vastly improve the cameras tracking abilities when capturing moving subjects.

Zone Mode
The new zone mode allows the user to select a grid of 3x3, 5x3 or 3x5 zones from within the 77 point AF area and using continuous AF mode the camera will continue tracking a subject at the centre of the selected zone. If you select a 3x3 or 5x3 zone in the centre of the frame this then utilizes the built in phase-detection pixels for even faster AF performance.

When the wide/tracking mode is selected the camera displays the area in focus and automatically identifies the subject using all 77 AF points when used in AF-S (single AF) mode. Used in AF-C Continuous AF mode the camera will track the subject across all 77 AF points and maintains focus whether the subject moves back and forth, vertically or horizontally.

AF accuracy has been improved by improving the AF sensors sensitivity to light enabling fast AF performance in low light conditions or with low contrast subjects- the camera can now detect differences in tone of just 0.5EV compared to the existing 2.5EV – a massive improvement!

Eye Detection AF
Eye detection AF has also been included which automatically detects and focuses on the human eye – great fro limited depth of field portraits.

Auto-macro mode has also been introduced which means you no longer have to press the macro mode button to take a close-up shot and maintains AF speed. This also frees up the Macro button to be re-assigned to another function should you wish.

AF in video mode has also been improved with a more natural and smooth performance.

Other improvements in this firmware release include:
Exposure Compensation
control in Manual
  • Improved shutter dial operation – you can now set a full range of shutter speeds from 1/32000 to 30 seconds using the command dial when the shutter speed dial is set to T and the shutter type to mechanical and electronic.
  • Exposure compensation control in manual mode – you can now use the exposure compensation dial to make exposure adjustments when using Auto ISO in manual exposure mode.
  • Improved framing grid – the framing grid lines have been made finer making it easier to view the subject when this option is selected in the screen set-up menu.
  • Silent mode – renamed to Sound and Flash off to avoid confusion.
So Fuji must be congratulated in their policy of improving existing models and this should give confidence to anyone investing in the Fuji X system that they will continue to benefit in enhanced performance.

You can view the X-T1 in our stores in Central London or West Sussex, or online at parkcameras.com. To download the firmware update, visit fujifilm.com.

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