LYTRO ILLUM 2.0 firmware upgrade - delivers most powerful updates yet

The Lytro ILLUM is more than just a camera; it’s a powerful light field image capture system and computing platform, with the ability to expand its capabilities with each firmware release. ILLUM 2.0 is a substantial update that delivers on that promise. It includes new features, interface improvements and menu customization. ILLUM 2.0 also introduces improved auto focus during image capture with speeds up to three times faster than before, and enables post-capture interactive aperture and perspective shift in Playback Mode. This is the most powerful firmware update Lytro have released, and is a significant step forward in the advancement of light field imaging and the ILLUM platform. Combined with the new Lytro Desktop 4.3 and our Lytro Power Tools, they have produced a complete eco-system surrounding the capturing of light field content and creation of interactive Living Pictures.

ILLUM 2.0. Performance. New Features. Interactivity.
ILLUM 2.0 gives your camera a cleaner, easier to customize interface, with full screen views and improved focus range tools to assist in composition. Combined with the new features listed below, ILLUM 2.0 opens up a new level of creative interaction and control with your camera. It’s free, and it’s available for download. Here is a list of what’s new in ILLUM 2.0:

The ILLUM 2.0 interface update makes it easier
 to view your camera’s on screen controls. 
Refreshed Interface
From the Info Bar to the progress indicator ILLUM 2.0 imparts a visually pleasing refresh to your camera’s on-screen controls. Our design team has created a look and feel update that is more than just a facelift; it’s an update that makes the ILLUM more useful in your creative process. It’s faster to respond, crisper to the eye, and easier to read in bright light conditions.

Interactive Living Picture Playback
In our Lytro Desktop application, our lytro.pictures.com website, and in our iOS and Android mobile apps, you can view and interact with your Living Pictures. With ILLUM 2.0 we bring advanced Lytro player functionality directly to the ILLUM playback experience, even before you import it into your computer. Simply capture your light field pictures, and then let the ILLUM create a Living Picture to preview focus and depth of field, all within the camera. In addition to interactive refocusing, the update enables previewing Virtual Aperture with two-finger gesture and Perspective Shift by clicking and dragging side-to-side, a feature exclusive to Light Field imagery and the ILLUM camera.

ILLUM 2.0 processes your Light Field captures into Living Pictures that support Lytro’s interactive Virtual Aperture. A clockwise two-finger gesture on the camera’s Playback Screen opens the aperture to a maximum of f1; the opposite counter clockwise gesture tightens the Virtual Aperture to f16.
Living Pictures in ILLUM 2.0 support Perspective Shift in the Playback Screen. A single finger gesture can be used to select your refocus area. Pause slightly while touching the screen to start the Perspective Shift mode. By dragging on the Living Picture, the image’s perspective will interactively shift on screen.

Redesigned Focus Aid
We’ve updated our interactive Focus Aid in the Capture Mode preview to make it easier to select the optimal refocusing range. As you change the ILLUM’s focal length or focus distance, the new preview more clearly indicates the physical distance and total range of focus from foreground to background.

With the lens set at a focal length of 52mm, the Focus Aid shows the #1 pool ball at 28cm from the camera, with a refocusing range from 23cm for closest to 37cm for the furthest refocusable point. With the same 52mm lens setting but focused on the #8 ball 99cm away, refocusing distances of 48cm for closest to infinity for furthest distance.

Improved Auto Focus
With ILLUM 2.0 we’re rolling out a faster auto focus system that crisply and precisely resolves scenes up to three times faster than in the original ILLUM. This will enable light field photographers to compose and capture a wider array of fast paced action scenes such as wildlife, children and sports. Simply touch anywhere on the screen to select the subject or the region you want, and the ILLUM focuses in fractions of second so you can capture the perfect Living Picture.

New Full Screen View
For a full scene view in either the Capture or Playback
modes, simply click the expander icon to hide menus
and info data.
Click a single icon on-screen to hide all menus and information bars and provide a clean, uninterrupted preview of the scene you are capturing, or the captured Living Picture you want to preview or interact with. This will help you compose your images with a full display, or preview and interact with your light field images post capture.

Rearrange Menu Shortcut
With a single click on the Menu Display, you can customize and reorder Menu display items, putting your most important options up top for quicker access. Customize both Capture Mode and Playback Mode Menus to meet the needs of light field photographers.

You can update your Lytro ILLUM by visiting support.lytro.com. To learn how to update your Lytro, please click here.

Want to learn more about the LYTRO ILLUM? If so, visit either of our stores in Burgess Hill or Central London where our expert team will be happy to help. Alternatively, read our previous blog post by clicking here

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