Leica SL - a Hands On Experience in London

The Leica SL is now shipping in the UK and Park Cameras have received their first allocation.

With a Leica in-store event today in London, I took the opportunity to give the SL a quick test drive.

Taking the camera with just it's launch-date partner the Vario-Elmarit-SL 24-90mm f/2.8-4 ASPH, I was immediately struck by the feeling of quality and precision in this new model.

Looking through the (huge and incredibly detailed) viewfinder is really quite an experience - more like looking through a medium format camera. The first electronic viewfinder to breach the 4-million dot mark has not disappointed.

The large handgrip gives a very secure hold and the superbly engineered 24-90 lens with its impressively styled lens hood makes a very fast handling package.

Heading out on a murky November day framing and selecting images was a real pleasure. The built in image stabilisation on the lens was extremely effective providing a rock-steady viewfinder image and sharp results at all the shutter speeds I used.

I took a selection of shots both inside and out taking some in the low-light conditions of the national gallery and emerging to a brief period of sunshine in Trafalgar square.

Visit us in store - either in London or Burgess Hill - for our free expert advice. Or if you're already well versed in the world of Leica, place an order here today to get hold of the next batch of stock due in very soon!

A selection of images from my stroll with the SL can be seen below.
24-90 lens at 90mm f/4

Nice close-up capability

Another close-up

The camera handles mixed light sources very well


precise framing easy with the huge viewfinder

Lovely bokeh on the 24-90

Superb colour rendition