Pancake (Lens) Day - A Celebration!

Presumably it hasn't escaped your notice that today is Pancake Day... however, you may have missed that it's also Pancake (Lens) Day - the day we celebrate the miniature marvels that are pancake lenses!

Today we're giving the spotlight to delicious, tasty Pancake (Lenses), showing our acknowledgement and appreciation for those lenses that are flat, slim, and go great with lemon and sugar.

The Park Cameras' Recipe for the Perfect Pancake (Lens):


  • 100g plain aluminium or plastic
  • 2 medium glass elements
  • 300ml semi-skimmed f/stops


1. Add the glass elements, aluminium and plastic and f/stops in a bowl and whisk to a smooth batter

2. Heat a medium Pancake (Lens) pan to a medium heat, brush with a dash of lubricant oil

3. Pour one ladle of Pancake (Lens) mix into the pan, and cook for around 1 week on either side

4. Serve your Pancake (Lens) with your favourite mounting ring, drizzle with lemon and sugar.

5. Enjoy!

Pancake (Lenses) are generally best served with a medium or semi-wide focal length of around 24mm - 40mm. As they protrude slightly into the camera body, pancake (lenses) go very well with your favourite APS-C sensor DSLR or ideally a mirrorless camera.

Pancake lenses come in a range of shapes and focal lengths depending on your particular taste of camera; some prefer theirs with a dash of Canon, some with a lathering of Fujifilm, and even some with huge chunks of Panasonic or Olympus.

However you like to enjoy yours, we hope you enjoy a lovely pancake (lens) today!

*we're very sorry about the exceptionally poor taste of this article, though perhaps another squeeze of lemon would do the trick?

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Unknown said...

Very good. In a brief look at your advice I did not see any Health and Safety warning if tossing your pancake. Beware! Bill

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