Nikon announce full-frame mirrorless system

Nikon have announced long-awaited news of their first full-frame, mirrorless digital camera system.

We're updating this blog post as and when we receive more news - check back for all the latest information on this massive launch!

Eye-catching footage from the video emphasises light particles travelling 

We've updated this blog with the latest teaser video from Nikon, which we suspect will be the last as the launch is now just 2 days away!

Keep your eyes peeled on our blog for more exciting content relating to this massive launch!

Video 1: 'Travel of Light'

Video 2: The Mount

Video 3: The Body

Video 4:  Users share their experience

We've kept the below in purely as it may be interesting to see how our initial thoughts from the first video fair in hindsight....

Reaction from first Nikon Mirrorless teaser video

While the video did not give much away – the camera remains in silhouette throughout the trailer – it certainly got the camera world speculating as to what was to follow.

The silhouette - a slim body with emphasis on the new mount
 Nikon have confirmed there is a new mount which appears large compared to a relatively slim-line looking camera body.

The video had the tagline ‘in Pursuit of Light’, features light particles travelling through space, before hitting a sensor, and finally forming into an image of a lady on the rear LCD sensor.

The videos so far emphasise premium optical performance, powerful processing power and rich, vivid image rendition.

Light particles making their way to hit the camera sensor 
There’s also exciting news if you are an existing Nikon DSLR user - Nikon confirmed an F-Mount lens adapter is under development.

So what can we expect next?

The countdown on Nikon's site - but don't expect this image of it to count down :) 

Nikon have added a launch countdown on their site, ticking down to the 23rd August 2018. We'll update as soon as we find out more, in the meantime follow the link below to sign up for the latest email updates to stay in the know!

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Billy Blue Eyes said...

Seen a rumour it was being released on the 23rd Aug, who will be first I wonder

Ashley Luke Laurence said...

We've just updated this blog to show a little snippet of the countdown Bill - exciting times!

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