New Canon RF Lenses

Canon have unveiled two new RF lenses for the EOS R and RP cameras offering two pro zoom lenses that provide excellent options for photographers and videographers alike.

Canon RF 15-35mm f2.8 L IS Lens

The wider of the two zoom lenses offers a great option for anyone who likes to shoot wider but still have the option to punch in. We didn’t get the chance to try it out but Canon have told us it will offer edge to edge sharpness and with that fast f2.8 aperture, it’s perfect for low-light conditions.

Image stabilisation is included in the lens which is always a very welcome addition, especially since the EOS R does not have in body stabilisation. This makes it great for using those slower shutter speeds handheld and of course, handheld video shooting which should be great with this lens.

As an L lens, the quality is very high and it’s water/dust resistant as well which is an added bonus.

Canon RF 24-70mm f2.8 L IS Lens

This will come as extremely welcome news to anyone with an EOS R or anyone holding off on going for the mirrorless system. Not only is this a pro version of one of the most popular focal ranges with a nice, fast aperture. It also have image stabilisation in the lens making it perfect for videographers as well as photographers.

Once again, this is going to make shooting handheld video much easier and personally I can’t wait to try this out. This is absolutely my favourite focal length and with the IS and that nice fast aperture, we’re going to be able to get some beautiful photos and video with this lens.

As always, you can check out the full specs, price and details of both lenses below.

Canon RF 15-35mm f2.8 L IS Lens - http://bit.ly/2ZniBwH
Canon RF 24-70mm f2.8 L IS Lens - http://bit.ly/2Zmj1TY

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