GoPro have announced the latest versions of their 4K action cameras - the GoPro Hero7 Black, Silver and White. Loved by adventurers and action fans all over the world, the name is synonymous with the small camera that can be used by anyone - from cyclists to surfboarders, and the rest!

We took the higher-spec GoPro Hero 7 Black out and about to see how it would handle, from being strapped to our chest while playing football to being dunked underwater to catch some footage of fish.

The GoPro Hero 7 (Black) used with a chest-harness during a game of football.


The Sony World Photography Awards is a free photo competition that is open to everyone - you can submit entries until January 2019 (30 November 2018 if you are a student).

At Park Cameras we know that we have a talented bunch of photographers amongst our customers, readers and followers - our #parkcameras tag on Instagram features hundreds of fantastic photos. As such, we’d always encourage everyone to take part in this (& any other) competition - it's a great habit to get into.

Mathilda' by Alexander Vinogradov - Winner of the 2017 Open category


Mirrorless Cameras (or Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras to give them their full name), also known as Interchangeable Lens Cameras and Compact System Cameras, have come a long way since the Epson R-D1 was introduced in 2004.

The marketplace has changed dramatically since then, with the Canon EOS R, Nikon Z6 & Z7, Sony a7 III offering full-frame options that are rivalling long-established professional DSLRs. Even mirrorless cameras with APS-C sized sensors, such as the Fujifilm X-T3, are offering features such as 4K video at 60fps!

If you find yourself asking "Why should I change to mirrorless?", then our handy guide explains some of the key benefits.

The industry-leading Sony Alpha A9 mirrorless camera
The industry-leading Sony Alpha A9 mirrorless camera


With Photokina 2018 just around the corner, we are gearing up for it by looking at recent releases from top manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, ProFoto, GoPro and DJI.

We also take a look at the latest Photokina 2018 rumours, consider what trends are expected to be a big deal at arguably the biggest photography, camera and imaging event of the year. Photokina runs from 26.09.2018 – 29.09.2018 in Cologne, Germany.

The recently announced Canon 400mm and 600mm EF lenses


Canon fans rejoice - the Canon EOS R is here - the wait for a full-frame mirrorless Canon camera is over, and boy are we excited! Canon’s launch event was truly spectacular – a futuristic carnival of photographic opportunities set in Shoreditch Electric Light Station.

We had been waiting eagerly to get our hands on the EOS R and the RF lenses (24-105mm f/4 ‘kit’ lens and the 50mm f/1.2 prime lens). Here’s our first look and feel of the EOS R, plus pictures and video taken as we put the R system through its paces.

View EOS R and RF lens product details and prices.


The Fuji XT-3 has just been announced. But how is this new, high-end mirrorless APS-C camera different from its predecessor?

Our handy comparison table looks at the technical specification of the Fujifilm X-T3 vs X-T2. We also have a full hands-on review, including video, that you can watch to see our first impressions in full.

Fujifilm X-T3 in Silver finish

Fujifilm have announced the successor to their popular APS-C mirrorless camera, the X-T2. Fujifilm invited us to get hands-on with the new X-T3 a week before launch – here’s our guide on what to expect.


new lens Canon have today announced their long-awaited full-frame mirrorless camera - the EOS R, featuring a new RF Mount. Canon are looking to 'unlock the future of photography', with a new RF Mount that allows exciting new lenses to be developed, including a market-first – the 28-70mm f2! 

First glance also suggests that the autofocus system will be incredible in low light - up to -6EV without hunting, according to Canon. 


Andy Rouse is famous for his adventurous brand of wildlife photography - taking stunning photos of everything from Tigers to Polar Bears in their natural environment. We asked Andy 5 quickfire questions ahead of his appearance at our Wildlife Day event, to find out more about the man behind the lens.

All images courtesy of Andy Rouse


Here at Park Cameras we run a variety of inspiring and academic courses as part of our School of Photography. This week we got the chance to speak to one of our Tutors Ola Teper; who runs a Beginners Guide to Photoshop course.

Here at Park Cameras we run a variety of inspiring and academic courses as part of our School of Photography. This week we got the chance to speak to one of our Tutors Ola Teper, who runs a Beginners Guide to Photoshop course. We asked her for her top 5 'do's and don'ts' when using Adobe Photoshop.

One of Ola Teper's stunning images. Image copyright Ola Teper
One of Ola Teper's stunning images. 


Nikon's first full-frame mirrorless Z series has taken the camera world by storm. They may appear the same, but on the inside they are different.

Our table lets you quickly compare the specifications of both the Z6 and the Z7.

After weeks of building up hype with a series of teaser videos, Nikon have finally announced details of their brand new full-frame mirrorless camera bodies and lenses. The Z series launches with two camera bodies: the high resolution 45MP Nikon Z7, and the Nikon Z6 - a 25MP, 12FPS speed machine.

We were at Nikon’s launch event, and bring you the first look at the incredible Z series. Believe us - you should be excited!

The Nikon Z7 with 24/70mm f/4 lens. Note - we don't recommend you hold your camera like this while shooting, we just wanted you to be able to see the top of the camera! 


Panasonic have just announced the Lumix LX100 II, a compact digital camera with a 4/3 inch 17 MP sensor and a wide angle zoom Leica lens. The original LX100 was lauded as a premium compact geared at the camera enthusiast – so what does the mark II have to offer?


We've all seen floods of HDR photography on Instagram - they can look impressive, but also seem very technical. We're here to break that myth, and show you just how simple it can be to achieve photographs with an incredible High Dynamic Range.

HDR Image of the Sussex countryside - video guide on how to take HDR photos
Exposing for the sky and the foreground can be hard using conventional camera techniques


Here at Park Cameras we run a variety of exciting photography courses - so when we ran our Introduction to Bird Photography course, with professional wildlife and nature photographer John Stanton - we jumped at the chance of tagging along.

A Blue Tit