With the release of the Nikkor Z 14-24mm f/2.8 S Nikon has completed the trilogy of essential workhorse lenses for mirrorless Z-mount cameras. Simultaneously releasing the Nikkor Z 50mm f/1.2 S will come as a welcome surprise to photographers and videographers who desire an extremely fast and highly capable standard width prime. This post takes a more in-depth look at these two high quality S-Line lenses as well as providing sample images to ogle directly from Nikon.

Sample image Nikon Z 14-24mm f/2.8 S lens


How does the new Sony a7C compare to the rest of Sony's full-frame mirrorless camera range? Read our blog post for a comprehensive specifications comparison table, image samples from the latest Alpha camera as well as a more in-depth rundown of specifications. Gareth Evans also gives us his thoughts in a video review and we talk about the lens kit, which includes the brand new FE 28-60mm f/4-5.6 OSS zoom lens.

Available in black and silver - the Sony A7C 'Compact' full-frame camera


S5 Introduction

In this blog post we’re excited to write about the new Panasonic Lumix S5 full-frame hybrid stills and video camera. We outline who it might be for, some real world uses and provide a comparison table with other camera bodies in the L-mount range as well as featuring our own video review. We hope this might demonstrate just how competent this model is despite being the most affordable offering in the range. We also cover new accessories released with the body, related products used in these photos and specifications of course!

Comparing sizes with the extremely compact Lumix S5 centre stage


In this blog we review the new M.Zuiko Digital ED 100-400mm f/5.0-6.3 IS super telephoto zoom lens for micro four thirds camera users. We also investigate some of the new lens features, along with posting a number of sample images and lens specs. Visitors can also watch our own Gareth Evans hands on video review of the Olympus 100-400mm lens here. We’ll also take a look at the new OM-D E-M10 Mark IV micro four thirds camera features to highlight some of the excellent upgrades which have been delivered with this model release and who it might appeal to.

Olympus 100-400mm Lens And OM-D E-M10 Mark IV Review


We ran out of nails to bite waiting for the release of the Sony a7S III but the wait is finally over. To celebrate we’ve gathered all of the technical specs here for our readers and also made a comparison table between the a7S III, a7s II,a7 III and a7R IV cameras which really shows how much technology Sony has squeezed into this professional mirrorless hybrid body. There are a couple of sample images as well as our video ‘first look’ at the Sony a7S III. Prepare to fall in love with creativity all over again!

Pro video a7S III set-up


On the 21st July 2020 Nikon announced the new full-frame Nikon Z5 mirrorless camera and Z 24-50mm lens kit. We thought we’d take a closer look at this pairing and compare the body to existing Nikon Z6 and Z7 cameras and see who this kit is aimed at. We also celebrate the new teleconverters announced simultaneously as we love having greater reach from our lenses!


It’s hard to think of Leica Rangefinders without appreciating their timeless designs heralding back to 1954, together with their historical significance thanks to numerous high profile users. So whenever a new model is announced such as this, the new M10-R Digital Rangefinder, Leica fans and the entire photographic community take note with interest. The latest camera introduces a number of upgrades and refinements whilst staying true to Leica’s mantra of being immersed in the moment, with the purest form of photography that Rangefinders facilitate. Our blog post investigates new features and specifications, along with sample images and a comparison with previous Rangefinder models.

Oozing class with the Leica M10-R Rangefinder in Silver chrome finish


During the week of the 14th July 2020 the biggest planet in our solar system will appear at its largest as the earth passes between it and the sun. During the whole week Jupiter will be highly visible (clouds permitting) and we’ve gathered some equipment ideas which will help photographers and budding astronomers to get the best view in the house from our very own planet earth.

There is a brilliant interactive tool which allows visitors to select the planet they wish to view, and the tool then displays the best time to take in the night sky in order to view that planet. Visit the Time And Date website here for the celestial tool which includes Jupiter spotting.

Sony A7 R IV camera with Sony FE 100-400 lens


In this blog post we compare the impressive new Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6 full-frame mirrorless cameras, which have been released in July 2020. We also take it one step further to compare them to previous mirrorless camera models in the table below. This allows EOS R and RP users to see how much of a leap Canon have made with these new ground breaking bodies. We also include sample images and our own Gareth Evans reviews these in three insightful Youtube review videos.

Canon EOS R5 and R6 New mirrorless compared

Canon has released a host of full-frame EOS R cameras, lenses and accessories in July 2020. In this post we compare the three extraordinary super telephoto lenses including the pro level zoom and two enthusiast level primes, together with new RF Extenders. We focus on comparing features, target users, include sample images as well as a video review of the RF 100-500mm lens. Our blog post here compares the two new R5 and R6 mirrorless cameras which were used for all images.

Here are the three super telephoto RF lenses compared with links to our main shopping site if you simply cannot wait and want to reserve one straight away!


Introducing the Panasonic Lumix G100, a brand new camera from Panasonic designed with vlogging at the heart of it. Coming from a strong lineup of video focused cameras, the G100 is aimed more at vloggers and content creators, although it would also make a great B camera in a larger video setup. Let’s talk about what makes this such a great system for vlogging.


We are excited to let you all know that we are re-opening our two photography stores from the 15th June and are looking forward to welcoming all of our customers back, both in Burgess Hill and London. Read more about our re-opening on the link below:


Park Cameras Stores Reopening June 15th 2020


Today we’re talking about the new Sony ZV-1 and how it might be the only thing you need to start a YouTube channel. Whether you want to start a vlog or any other kind, the ZV-1 might just have everything you need.


Introducing the brand new Sony ZV-1, a camera that’s perfect for content creators, vloggers and YouTubers alike while still able to give you some great photographic performance. Let’s look into what makes this camera special.


Following on from the highly successful Capture One 20, which was launched earlier in 2020, Capture One have today announced a new update 20.1. This version incorporates a series of new and updated features designed to improve photo editing workflows. It also adds a standalone Nikon camera version. Read our post to find out what’s new as well as watch a newbie video and images outlining what we love about Capture One.

Capture One update 20.1 with camera system and powerbook


The UK is still currently in #stayathome mode, however that has not stopped DJI from releasing their brand new upgraded DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone and Fly More Combo. We take a look at the full specs for all budding videographers and aerial photographers. We are very excited by the number of upgrades, take a look and see if you agree.

DJI Mavi Air 2 Drone In Flight