A useful free guide to de-mystifying digital cameras

We know that if you want to learn the basics of digital photography it can raise a number of questions. What camera will I need to take the best photos? How do I learn the basics?

This free guide aims to de-mystify some of the terms you will come across when you first buy (and start using) a new digital camera.

So if you don’t know your sensor from your viewfinder, don’t worry – you're not alone, and you'll soon be an expert!

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With the launch of the Fujifilm instax Square SQ6 just announced (15th May 2018), we thought we'd celebrate the world of instant cameras.

The instant print camera market has seen a revival over the last few years, with nostalgia and a desire for physical prints seeing a flurry of new cameras hitting the market since 2013.

Our guide and comparison table looks at the size, format and cost per print of instant print film that is available in the market in 2018.

Series of 3 images taken with Fuji Instax Square film, with black border
Fuji Instax Square film, with black border


Newborn baby photography is a niche but potentially lucrative business. If you want to discover the latest industry news, trends and props, then The Newborn Photography Show is for you!

baby image - The Newborn Photography Show article - Photo by Spencer Selover from Pexels
Photo by Spencer Selover from Pexels


The smell of revolution hangs thick in the air, and we want you to know about it. We're talking about the LED lighting revolution of course! We've secured exclusive interviews with key players Jason Lanier and Rotolight.

Maddie, shot by Ashley Laurence using Rotolight AEOS & Neo 2, with Sony a7RIII & 85mm GM  f/1.4
Maddie, shot using Rotolight AEOS & Neo 2, with Sony a7RIII & 85mm GM  f/1.4


What is the DJI Osmo Mobile 2?

The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is a smartphone gimbal that is designed to let you achieve cinematic style expansive shots using footage from your phone. It stabilises video captured while moving, and also allows you to achieve professional looking timelapses, hyperlapses, motionlapses and slow-motion footage.


Find your street photography inspiration

If you're looking for some inspiration to freshen up your photography, then join us for one of our Park Cameras Photo Walks. With multiple locations to choose from, each tour is unique and a perfect opportunity to practise your London street photography.

Long exposure picture taken at British Musuem
Long exposure, British Museum. By staff member Pete Lowe


The Sony World Photography Awards have announced their winners for 2018. Produced by the World Photography Organisation, this year there were an impressive 320,000 submissions by photographers from more than 200 countries and territories.

We take a look at some of the award-winning photos:

National Park - Central Balkan, Bulgaria. Copyright: © Veselin Atanasov, Bulgaria, Open Photographer of the Year, Open, Landscape & Nature (2018 Open competition), 2018 Sony World Photography Awards
'Early Autumn' by Veselin Atanasov. National Park - Central Balkan, Bulgaria


The Sony a7 III. It's fair to say that the first quarter of 2018 has been dominated by the launch of the full-frame, 24.2 MP mirrorless camera. It's proving exceptionally popular with our customers, so we thought we would test drive it for you! We’ve also included a handy video review, which you can find further down the page.

There’s no doubt it's making waves in the industry and among customers – since its launch in March 2018 it appears on 42.6 million search results on Google (just a month after launch!). A rival camera has 'just' 8.2 million after 9 months. It’s not science, but it certainly illustrates how the Sony a7 III launch has taken the market by storm.

Image of Park Camera's staff member James, taken as part of review of the Sony a7 III


We loved being able to test out the latest camera equipment at our Wildlife Day 2018 event at our Burgess Hill store. We took the opportunity to speak to the experts on hand to hear what kit they recommend for wildlife photography. Here’s Bruno giving us a run-through of the latest Nikon equipment.

We caught up with Mark from Sony at our Wildlife Day 2018 event to see what was on offer for all the wildlife photographers out there. View the video below to get an overview of which kit to choose for the best wildlife photography, as well as options for the beginner out there.

Our Wildlife Day 2018 event, held at our Burgess Hill store, was a great day showcasing all of the latest kit you need for taking the best wildlife photographs. We asked Carol from Panasonic what kit she would recommend for budding wildlife photographers.


Wildlife photography is a genre with widespread appeal, so much so that we ran Wildlife Day 2018 at our Burgess Hill store in April 2018. We reviewed the kit on display from Canon, and have highlighted some picks from the current range to help you get the best out of your wildlife photography.

Image of the Canon 500mm f/ 4 IS II USM Lens
Canon 500mm f/ 4 IS II USM


Park Cameras welcomed a variety of unusual visitors to our Burgess Hill store for our Wildlife Day on 7th April 2018. From the magnificent Bald Eagle, through to the miniscule Peacock Tree Frog, the day was a festival of all things wildlife and photography related.

Bald Eagle photographed at Park Cameras Wildlife Day 2018
Bald Eagle


At Park Cameras, we’ve been speaking to pro photographer and Sony Ambassador Dominic Fraser about how he uses flash to help enhance his shots in a variety of different ways, to help him get the shot he needs.

Dominic has spent the last 20 years specialising in automotive photography, with clients including Bugatti and Aston Martin. He initially came into photography as a picture researcher for the motoring magazine, Car. Given direction and mentorship from the magazine's art directors and graphic designers, Dominic eventually joined the set of shoots as an assistant before becoming staff photographer for the same publishing house's weekly magazine, Carweek. The magazine lasted only 14 months, but Dominic was hooked on photography. At 21, he decided to go freelance.

Read on to learn more about Dominic’s thoughts on using flash, and how it can help you with your photography!


This week, we’ve been talking to professional photographer Tobi "Tobishinobi" Shonibare about the Sony a7R III, and what his first impressions are of this addition to Sony’s Full-Frame mirrorless range of cameras. 

Tobi was fortunate to be able to take the camera out with him to an architecture shoot in the warm climate of Dubai. Read on to find out his thoughts on the a7R III.


Recently, staff member and lover of all things LEICA, Steve Marley, got the opportunity to visit the fantastic Leica Camera headquarters at the Leitz Park in Wetzlar, Germany! Naturally, Steve couldn’t wait to delve into the many part of Leica’s headquarters, to find out, not only about Leica’s history, but also to learn more about their manufacturing processes and facilities, as well as Leica’s philosophy to photography.

Read on to find out more, and see inside the mind of Leica, through a number of words and images from Steve.