We’ve all seen floods of HDR photography on Instagram - they can look impressive, but also seem very technical. We’re here to break that myth, and show you just how simple it can be to achieve photographs with an incredible High Dynamic Range.

HDR Image of the Sussex countryside - video guide on how to take HDR photos
Exposing for the sky and the foreground can be hard using conventional camera techniques


Here at Park Cameras we run a variety of exciting photography courses - so when we ran our Introduction to Bird Photography course, with professional wildlife and nature photographer John Stanton - we jumped at the chance of tagging along.

A Blue Tit

Our useful guide gives you some hints and tips on the benefits of tethered photography - we explore how it can change your studio photography workflow and can help you leave a memorable impression with your clients.

Image courtesy of Tether Tools / Calvin Hollywood


Park Cameras hosted a nature walk with ZEISS Ambassador and respected naturalist Simon King. Set in 3,500 acres of stunning countryside at Knepp Wildland (just south of Horsham, Sussex), we took an array of ZEISS optics with us to help us spot some wildlife.
 Park camera events - nature walk with Zeiss and Simon King


There is a Lunar eclipse tonight, which should be visible in the UK, between 7:00 to 9:30pm.

Hopefully, if the weather is clear, then conditions should be ripe for capturing this spectacular event.

During this time, the Earth will start to pass between the moon and the sun, until it reaches the point when the total eclipse will begin.

As the Earth's shadow falls across the surface of the moon, it will turn a deep red.

So, what is the best way to capture the event?


Nikon have announced long-awaited news of their first full-frame, mirrorless digital camera system.

We're updating this blog post as and when we receive more news - check back for all the latest information on this massive launch!

Eye-catching footage from the video emphasises light particles travelling 


With Airshow season fast approaching, one of our photography tutors, Steve Marley, has been taking a look at how you can make one of the most challenging areas of photography a little easier with a variety of tips and tricks. Read on to learn more! 


At Park Cameras we love running events, so when we ran our street photography photo walk around Brighton with Olympus product specialist- and street photography extraordinaire - Jez Sugars, we couldn’t resist tagging along.

By the end of the day I finally plucked up the courage to ask a stranger if I could take their portrait!


Tips for shooting better video from Park Cameras - this week we look at how a simple accessory can make or break a whole film shoot. Why should you use a Neutral Density filter when shooting video?

Why an ND filter can save the day if you shoot video in bright conditions
With limited options to control exposure  via shutter speeds, an ND can come to the rescue on bright days


The Samyang AF 24mm F2.8 FE is a budget, wide angle lens for Sony mirrorless users. Using the Sony Full Frame E Mount fitting, this wide angle promises to deliver quiet and fast autofocus at a competitive price.


Housed in the same slick, pocket-sized body as its predecessors, The Sony RX100 VI is a premium compact digital camera that is packed full of features. Could this be the perfect compact for travel photography?

Image of the Sony RX100 VI premium digital compact camera - Park Cameras review
Sleek with a refined feel, the Sony RX100 VI is small enough to fit in your pocket


Studio lights allow you to master your lighting - but what happens when you want to recreate that studio-lit effect on location?

At Park Cameras, we've teamed up with Rotolight to bring you the exclusive launch of the Rotolight 3 Light Location Kit - a portable photography studio kit. We've road tested it at 4 very different locations, at different times of day. Here's our overview:

Rotoloight location shoot - Mark Larry Band - Ashley Laurence



This weekend the Park Cameras Imaging festival celebrated a love of photography and camera technology at our Burgess Hill store.

The in-store event was expanded to cover two days - and don't fear if you missed out – the third day of the Imaging Festival is on Saturday 23rd June 2018 - a free London photography event with talks and seminars (& exclusive in-store offers) at our branch in Rathbone Place.

Park Cameras Burgess Hill store taken by Derrick Clarke, using the Ricoh Theta V 360 camera
Park Cameras Burgess Hill store, taken by Derrick Clarke, using the Ricoh Theta V 360 camera


With the growing capacity of DSLRs, mirrorless and even compact cameras to record high-quality 4K video, everyone has a chance of becoming the next YouTube star. We look at 5 simple hints and tips that will help you shoot better video today.

Mastering your lighting will help provide clear, sharp footage