Quantum Turbo Slim Amazing Power From A Compact Power Pack!

Quantum are well known to most photo journalist both for their own high powered TTL flashes, the QFlash Trio, and their high performance power packs for cameras and Canon and Nikon flash guns. They offer photographers the ability to shoot continuously for long periods without having to worry about the AA batteries dying halfway through a shoot and with much faster recycle times than normal.

That said these batteries still have their limitations, with 1.3 second recycle time on full power its fast enough for any sport, catwalk or press shoots just as long as you keep down the power down a little. This also has the effect of generating quite a lot of heat from the flash and is worth handling with care after any shoot.

Quantum these days offer two main units that can be connected to flashguns or cameras, the cheaperTurbo Slim which will quite happily slip into any trouser pocket or the larger Quantum Turbo 3which can connect up to two devices, with a faster recycle time and longer battery life this really is the choice of the professional.

Heading down to the local skate park with a local BMX’er to put the Quantum Turbo Slim through its paces it became quite clear that on a bright albeit overcast sky my little flash wasn’t going to give the results I wanted. This is no fault of the Turbo Slimin fact it performed well beyond what I was expecting giving about 300 shots on full power it was just the delay due to shooting on maximum power that held it back. This is the problem it wasn’t the Turbo Slim that was the issue but the flash on the other end that couldn’t keep up with the high performance I was asking of it. As you can see from these shots I was trying to underexpose the ambient light using the flash to focus the centre of attention around the riders

After several hours of shooting and running out of space on my Sandisk 16GB Extreme compact flash card it was time to head home. For anyone using a flashgun regularly and especially for any sports or other jobs that require a little more speed this really is the unit to go for AA’s don’t come anywhere close to the performance the Quantum Turbo Slim delivers, and this is the smaller of the two!

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