Introducing you to the Nikon D3200

Having not used Nikon cameras to a great extent before, I was slightly apprehensive when recently trying out the new Nikon Entry Level model. I will admit that at heart I am a Canon user, however I cannot deny (unfortunately) that I was pleasantly surprised and rather struck by the quality of both the build of camera, as well as the images it produced!

Now to begin with you can either opt of the traditional black camera body which blends into the background rather, or you could dare to try the quirky Nikon D3200 with a red exterior. At first glances the red was a bit unusual to me although it grows on you very quickly. Also when I say red, I do in fact mean more of a dark burnt red with a subtle shimmer which is actually incredibly appealing. I’m not often one for colourful hardware, but this is a fantastic and classy alternative which stands out by just the right amount.

The body of the camera is 12.5 x 9.6 x 7.7cm and weighing a touch over 500g this camera is neat, compact and light enough that it can be used in a number of situations. It’s versatile enough to make a wonderful travel Digital SLR too. Teamed with the kit lens and possibly a 55-200 mm or 55-300 mm lens you would have a fantastic starter kit for any amateur or enthusiast alike.

Next the techy bit – The Nikon D3200 has all the appearances of an entry level camera and has an incredibly easy to use menu system making navigation a doddle. However you might also like to know that this camera packs in an incredible 24MP for high quality images (even on an A1 scale), has an ISO range of 100-12800, will capture in RAW, has 11 focus points, Autofocus tracking mode,  will shoot up to 4 frames per second and has Full HD movie mode.

If you are starting out though do not fear; this camera has a fully automatic mode which intelligently selects which scene mode is best for your current environment, and adjusts the exposure, shutter speed and ISO for you. You can either remain on this setting and be comfortable in the knowledge that the DSLR camera is taking care of the hard part, or you have the option to alter these features one by one or all three together in full manual mode.  This makes it a perfect camera for learning and developing skill.

What’s more is that you can now buy the D3200 and kit lens (in red!) for £499.00 including your basic accessories. All you need is a standard SD card to get you going and you’re there! I would honestly say I would highly recommend this model to anyone looking for a starting point in Digital Photography. With the ability to easily achieve high quality prints (automatically or manually) you cannot go far wrong.

To view the Nikon D3200 body and kits available please CLICK HERE >

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