CamRanger first impressions

We’ve just got our hands on a brilliant new product that we’re convinced will add amazing new flexibility to your photography and help you fully unlock your creativity. The CamRanger is a pocket sized device that connects to selected Canon and Nikon Digital SLR’s using the included USB cable and creates an ad-hoc WiFi network that your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch can then connect to.
Using the free CamRanger iOS app you can then take control of the camera from your Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, there’s no need for a computer or existing internet connection.

Full Control
Connection is quick and easy and once made you can simply use the app to take control of the camera, using its Live View mode. Functionality varies according to the particular camera and lens combination but the app allows control of:

• Shutter Speed / Aperture / ISO / White Balance
• Metering Mode / Drive /Shooting Mode / Image Format
• Focus Mode / Auto Exposure Mode (Nikon only)
• Exposure Compensation & Bracketing
• Software Auto-Focus toggle to toggle AF/MF

Having set your shooting parameters using the app, you can just start capturing images. All shots are recorded onto the camera’s memory card first and then pushed to the app for viewing. File sizes do impact the performance, so if you’re accustomed to shooting RAW files, then it might be best to record RAW+JPEG so that the jpegs can be viewed more quickly on the app, whilst you’ll have the RAW files on the card too.

In Use
The CamRanger allows you to wirelessly stream Live View footage from the camera to your iOS device, and making adjustments is quick and intuitive; you can double tap the screen to increase magnification, single tap to focus on an area or make incremental focus adjustments.

You can wirelessly capture images in multiple drive modes and thumbnails automatically appear on the top of the screen after taking a picture. From there you can simply tap a thumbnail to view the image and its associated meta-data. Images are always saved to the camera card and optionally downloaded to the iOS device, and you have the option to select to have images automatically appear in the main window of the app once captured.

If you double tap the screen you can view the image at full resolution and also enter full screen mode to maximize the screen size. At the same time you can toggle a variety of overlays including AF points, highlights, shadows, grid lines, and aspect ratio.

Video Recording
The CamRanger’s skills aren’t just confined to stills, you can also capture video, with simple buttons to start and stop recordings and a screen tap to make focus adjustments.

Long Exposures
For time lapse enthusiasts, you can also use the app as an intervalometer. Functionality will depend on the camera model but setup is quick and easy and there’s no need to keep your iOS connected after you’ve starting shooting.

HDR / Advanced Bracketing and Macro
The app can also be used to capture High Dynamic Range shots. Simply configure the CamRanger to take a series of pictures automatically varying the shutter speed, aperture, or iso, and the captured shot can then be post—processed.

The CamRanger is particularly useful for macro shooting, providing very precise focusing control. It’s great for situations that require awkward camera placements, as you can just set it up on a tripod and sit down somewhere nearby to control the shots.

Pocket Power
The CamRanger comes with a black neoprene case, which has a carabiner to enable it to be hung from a tripod or belt loop to support the Camranger whilst in use. A small pocket on the case stores the provided USB cables, whilst the product also ships with a network cable to allow firmware updates to be made when they are released, to provide connectivity with new camera models, for example.

The CamRanger is powered by the built-in re-chargeable battery. In normal usage it will provide 3-6 hours of operation, and can be easily charged using the usb cable. Operating range is up to 150 feet. Currently only available on iOS devices, an Android version may follow in the future.

We’ve only had a few minutes with the CamRanger, but we’re already hooked. Setup was a doddle, which is not always the case for wireless technology, and the intuitive yet powerful app meant we were capturing stunning shots in no time at all. It’s great for wildlife; you can set up the camera in your garden to capture shots from your bird feeder, for example, then retreat to the comfort of the living room to control the camera and watch the action unfold. It’s a great product and the possibilities to use it are only limited by your imagination. We’re expecting to have stock in-store from the beginning of December, so why not pop into our showroom to see for yourself?

Park Verdict
An amazing way to take your creativity to the next level. Incredibly easy yet extremely powerful, it’s a must for any iPad owning Canon or Nikon DSLR owner.

We Love
♥   Small enough to carry anywhere
♥   Comprehensive range of controls
♥   Handy neoprene case with storage pocket and carabiner
♥   Quick, intuitive operation – get results in seconds

Jon Penney
Park Cameras

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