Canon PIXMA PRO Printer Guide

Prints Charming

One of the best features of modern digital cameras is their high pixel count. Not only do they capture incredible detailed images, they also lend themselves to making large prints. If you’re only making occasional or small sized prints, then you’re missing out on some of that detail and the opportunity to really showcase your work.

Canon’s PIXMA Pro range of inkjet printers are the perfect companion to any digital camera, delivering stunning prints in seconds whilst providing you with full control of the output.

With the latest additions to the range having just arrived in the store, let’s take a quick look at the line-up to help you find your perfect PIXMA, the printers your images deserve.

Dye or Pigment?

The first thing to consider when choosing your PIXMA printer is what you intend to do with the prints. If you’re just looking to enjoy them at home or with friends then a printer with dye inks, such as the PIXMA PRO-100S, will deliver impactful vibrant colours and striking mono prints. If you’re looking to sell your work, then a pigment ink printer will offer improved durability and provide peace of mind that the prints will stand the test of time.


The PIXMA PRO-100S is the perfect way to create stunning colour and monochrome photographs at home, combining outstanding photo quality, fast print speeds and support for a wide range of media. Supporting paper sizes up to 14” wide its 8 ink system produces vivid photographs with rich colours and includes 3 dedicated monochrome inks to provide superb, neutral black and white prints. It’s no slouch either, an A3+ bordered photo takes just 1 minute 22 seconds, whilst Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity mean it can be easily shared.


With the PIXMA PRO-10S, gallery-quality, saleable prints are just a few clicks away. The 10-ink printer offers outstanding professional prints in colour and monochrome, together with versatile media support and enhanced connectivity. The LUCIA pigment inks ensure outstanding photo permanence, whilst the Chroma Optimizer ensures uniform glossiness and crisp, sharp blacks. Applied on top of prints, this clear ink expands colour gamut, increases black density and gives uniform glossiness for prints that can be sold or exhibited with confidence.


For the ultimate output quality, look no further than the PIXMA PRO-1. You can create professional, saleable prints with this 12-ink A3+ printer without sending your images to a photolab, whilst high productivity and media support ensure maximum profit. The groundbreaking 12-ink system offers exceptional colour gamut, whilst 5 monochrome inks produce stunning black and white prints. A gallery -quality A3+ photo takes just 2 minutes 55 seconds, whilst the high capacity ink tanks ensure long periods between replacement.

Seamless Workflow

All the PIXMA PRO models feature intuitive software to help deliver stunning results in seconds. The PIXMA PRO-1 includes Canon’s Easy-Photo Print Pro plugin software, whilst the PRO-10 and PRO-100 utilise the new Print Studio Pro. Both provide seamless photo printing from Canon’s Digital Photo Professional, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Elements. A new, simple user interface comes with photo editing applications and new features, such as improved layout and customised text options, for greater flexibility around the look and feel of final prints.

Canon’s PRO Mode (printer driver colour profile) helps to ensure that the printed colours accurately match those shown on the screen. Additionally, you can install and use ICC profiles for your chosen media.

There’s no better compliment to your Digital SLR camera than a Canon PIXMA PRO printer. Whether you’re an accomplished photographer or just taking your first steps, a PIXMA PRO printer ensure that breathtaking prints are just a few clicks away. Why not visit our showroom for a demonstration?

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