Samsung announce new GALAXY NX and GALAXY Zoom S4


Last night I attended the Samsung launch of a new range of products - obviously for Park Cameras the headline act was the Galaxy NX. 

Like many other Samsung products the Galaxy NX is packed full of technology but the list of those in this camera is something special; 4G and WiFi connectivity, an APS-C sensor, 4.8” HD LCD, 1080p video, RAW shooting and GPS  to name but a few.

Senior people within Samsung have been hinting at this product for a number of weeks and it seems a natural progression for the NX range. Merging the best of both from their hugely successful Galaxy compact camera and the NX CSC range of cameras, the Galaxy NX is a world first and sets Samsung apart from the competition.  One of the main headline features is the Android operating system as found previously in mobile devices and the Galaxy compact camera. This allows you to add additional app’s to share and edit on the go.

The Galaxy NX shares many of the same technologies of another recent arrival the NX300; it has the same hybrid autofocus and CMOS APS-C sensor, both of which have proved very popular both among reviewers and users, but sports a different body and notably a viewfinder.

The styling is typically Samsungs modern look and finish. A world apart from the classic designs of the Fuji film X-Pro 1 or Olympus OM-D, this camera is likely to appeal to people more familiar to mobile phone interface. The massive 4.8” touch screen is bigger than anything else on the market and makes it very easy to use for new comers to interchangeable lens cameras.

The Samsung NX is comfortable in the hand and feels solid but not overly heavy, unlike other CSC’s or small DSLR’s the handgrip is sufficiently big even for those with large hands and set away from the lens so you’re fingers aren’t cramped in. However, Samsung have managed to do this without compromising on balance or by making the camera overly big ensuring it’s still very much a compact system camera.

Like the Galaxy compact the Galaxy NX sports an impressive range of connectivity options and although not new, Wi-Fi is a helpful feature allowing you to transfer seamlessly to your computer (or to a Cloud storage option like dropbox as its running Android). The addition of 4G extends this principle of always connected. This means there’s no hassle sharing your photos no matter where you are.

One final thing that Samsung haven’t really made much of a big deal over is that there lens range is now up to 13 lenses with more rumoured to be on the way. Samsung have set their sights on the photographic market and are looking to transform it in the same ways as they’ve done in other industries like mobile phones, tablets and computers.

At our Imaging Festival held at our showroom in Burgess Hill, West Sussex on Saturday 22nd June, we will have a pre-production version of this camera for you to come and try out for yourself.

For full details and to place a pre-order visit our website http://www.parkcameras.com/26103/Samsung-GALXAXY-NX---18-55mm-OIS.html

Another product of note last night was the Galaxy S4 Zoom phone. Whilst we’re not one for normally reporting on phone products, this is more akin to a compact camera than a phone. It has a similar grip to a compact to give you more comfort and support when taking photos. It has everything you need from a compact, including a 10x zoom glass lens. It really is a camera (or phone; I’m not really sure what it is at the moment) to have with you always.

We anticipate having the GALAXY S4 zoom in stock Mid-July. For full details and to place a pre-order visit our website http://www.parkcameras.com/26107/Samsung-GALAXY-S4-Zoom.html

Nick Brooks
Park Cameras Ltd.

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