Canon EOS 70D announced!

Now on its seventh reiteration, the Canon prosumer/consumer aimed EOS 70D is really packing a punch. Taking the best bits from various other cameras in the Canon line up the 70D now sports a very impressive feature set making it extremely desirable for anyone using the Canon system. First off the mark the 70D now uses the excellent autofocus from the 7D, its takes the 3.0 inch screen from the 700D and the WiFi from the 6D. Throw in a new 20.2 mega pixel CMOS sensor and you’re onto a winner.

Though the EOS 70D’s party trick is the new on chip phase detection via a “dual pixel AF”, which in short means that every pixel helps towards the contrast detection on 70D making live view and movie a real option for day to day shooting.

Obviously for those hard-core still shooters out there who don’t feel they’ll use contrast AF the 70D now has the 7D’s AF, which is fantastic in its own right. It can now shoot up to 7fps (versus the 6D 5.3fps and 7D 8fps) and uses the same Digic 5+ processor from the 5D MKIII to help handle the large files that it will undoubtedly produce.

The body is a suitable upgrade to the 60D, with all the buttons you would expect. The new screen is very good and like with the EOS 60D, the articulating screen is pretty handy for those low level shots (or just to flip around to keep it protected) and being touch screen it can make using the menu a joy (you can turn off the touchscreen if you prefer not to use it).

For further details, full specifications and to pre-order the Canon EOS 70D please see our website.

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