Sony α7S – the low-light and 4k king!

Sony have today launched a new model in their α7 Mirrorless Full frame camera range – the α7S.

The new α7S has several stand-out features including a new 12.2MP full frame sensor and 4K video capability.

The α7S has been designed for ultimate low-light performance – the S standing for sensitivity. With a native ISO capability up to 102,400 ISO and extended setting up to 409,600 nothing should be beyond capture! The camera is also equipped with the same high-precision Fast Intelligent AF system as the α7R camera, with drastically improved low-light AF sensitivity that can go as low as -4EV.

Sony has developed an on-sensor dynamic range optimiser which broadens the range of tones captured in bright environments and minimises noise captures in dark areas.

Sony say the larger pixels as a result of 12.2MP over a full frame sensor greatly improve sensitivity, gradation and colour fidelity for stills users.

The 4K video capability allows and impressive 16:9 8-bit 4:2:2 4K 30p output directly via HDMI with no line-skipping or pixel-binning employed.

Where 4K is not required the α7S can record up to 1080p at up to 60p internally. And via HDMI with 4:2:0 chroma sub-sampling using XAVCS with bitrates up to 50mps. It can also record in dual mode with both 720p and 1080p XAVCS recorded simultaneously.

So the α7S would seem to be a low light shooters dream stills camera combined with a video shooters ultimate tool.

Sony by choosing to output the highest video quality via HDMI have maintained the compact α 7 form which has been so popular with photographers too.

The α7S camera is also equipped with S-Log2 gamma. Common to Sony's range of professional video cameras, S-Log2 expands the dynamic range by up to 1300% to minimize clipped highlights and loss of detail in shadows.

Other specialist video functions on the α7S include a picture profile that can adjust settings like gamma, black, level and color adjustment, and can be saved for use in a multi-camera shoot. It also has Full HD and 4K base band HDMI® output, time code/user bit for easier editing, synchronous recording feature with compatible devices, various marker and zebra displays on both the LCD screen and viewfinder and can dual record XAVC S as well as MP4 (1280x720 @30p).

The camera also has a Multi-terminal interface shoe that is compatible with Sony's XLR Adaptor Microphone Kits (XLR-K1M plus a new model under development), allowing the use of professional microphone systems.

We are looking forward to trying out the low-light stills and high quality video functions of the new α7S – we are currently accepting pre-orders for the new camera at ParkCameras.com. Alternatively, pop into either our London or Burgess Hill stores, or call us on 01444 23 70 70 and speak to a member of our team.

We’re anticipating the α7S to arrive at Park Cameras sometime in June, although the price is yet to be confirmed.

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