Fuji X100s Review

The Fujifilm X100s is an update to the very popular X100 and is now available in both Silver and Black finishes. 

The X100 was criticised at launch for several quirks of handling and control and for slow AF. Several firmware updates later and these have mostly been addressed (to Fujifilms credit) and the X100s includes all these improvements plus a few more.

The X100s, increases the resolution available from 12MP to 16.3MP using Fujifilms’ X-Trans CMOS sensor, which requires no low-pass filter, therefore offering improved sharpness.

It also includes on-chip phase-detection AF for faster more reliable autofocus and an improved EXR PROCESSOR II which corrects for lens aberrations and is said to improve lens quality at open and smaller apertures.

The hybrid Optical/Electronic viewfinder also sees a substantial upgrade from the 1.44m
 version of the X100 to a 2.36m dot LCD display- quite a difference.

The fixed 23mm f/2 lens offers very good performance and with the crop factor of the APS-C sensor is equivalent to the classic 35mm focal length.

Fuji JPEGs out of camera are very well rendered with excellent sharpness and colour – there really is little reason to shoot RAW with this camera.

In use, the camera is very responsive with fast AF and good shot to shot times.

It is a camera that does not get in the way of your photography – it just gets on with capturing images.

With the AF improvements over the X100 AF is now good enough to track a moving subject but certainly not up to the level of a SLR.

One or two handling quirks remain. The exposure compensation dial on the top plate, although now more firmly click stopped than the X100 can still be accidentally knocked and Fuji really should have fitted a lock to this.

You also need to open the battery compartment cover on the base of the camera to access the battery and the SD card - this can be a nuisance if the camera is tripod mounted or in a case without an access 'flap'.

The X100s is beautifully unobtrusive and even more stealthy in the new Black finish. It is not uncommon for people to assume you are shooting with 'an old fashioned film camera' as has been said to me!

The X100s is a reliable companion and is just small enough to be considered a take anywhere camera.

So the X100s comes highly recommended and if you are looking for a single fixed lens camera you can carry everywhere with you and produces top quality results this could be the camera for you.

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