DJI Launch the Osmo Pocket - First Look

DJI Osmo pocket size comparison with DJI Osmo plus

Introducing the DJI Osmo Pocket - the handheld gimbal that offers 4K, 60fps at 100Mbps stabilised video footage on the go. It also offers great 'B Roll' options such as motionlapse and hyperlapses.

We look at the key features and introduce you to the future of video technology - all in a package the size of a Mars Bar. One of the new, stingy sized ones at that. Let's take a look!

Incredible video power in your pocket

The original DJI Osmo has been a favourite with videographers since its launch in 2015 – offering a great way to achieve smooth, cinematic style footage without a full-on bulky DSLR gimbal/rig.

One glance at the picture above and you can get a sense for why the spec list on the pocket is so impressive - it fits so much in - and you can happily carry it in your pocket. The value of which won't be lost on vloggers and filmakers everywhere.

DJI Osmo Pocket - a vlogger and influencers' best friend

So you can add some serious production value to scenarios that you wouldn’t normally consider – if you are a vlogger / influencer then it’s perfect for situations where discretion is needed or the Osmo + would be too bulky.

We’d even suggest this could be a great way of capturing footage for higher value productions – the sensor size may be 'small' (albeit actually the same size as used in the original Mavic and Osmo), but the quality of the 4K footage makes it an option for B-Roll.

DJI Osmo Pocket – Specification overview

OK, so let’s start by looking at what this pocket rocket can do! It features the same 3-axis technology that made the original Osmo such a success – adjusting the camera to your movements to smooth out footage, offering a smooth end result.

It captures 4K video at 60fps / 100mbps and stills at 12MP, using a 1.2/3 Inch sensor and a 26mm f/2 lens that offers an 80° view. Unlike many competitors, this allows for a great depth of field to be achieved on nearby objects – lending a fascinating ability to shoot stabilised macro style footage.

It uses a Micro SD card, up to a maximum capacity of 256GB – or alternatively, when attached to your phone it will save straight to your mobile.

DJI Osmo Pocket – Video features overview


Thanks to its 3-axis stabilisation, the gimbal smooths out footage by correcting your movements.
This has advantages over electronic stabilisation, which struggles in low light conditions

Interesting fact – despite its size, the Osmo Pocket has a noiseless cooling system in-built to prevent overheating (let’s not forget the logistical fact that a gimbal is constantly moving, thus generates heat).

ActiveTrack - subject tracking

The Osmo Pockets locks on to your subject, rotating the camera to track your subject – perfect for maintaining narrative to your story. Switch it into selfie mode and it intelligently uses face tracking - we found this to be seemless and intuitive to use.

Impressively this also works for off-centre subjects – technology that was extremely limited only a couple of years ago.

Motion Timelapses

Speaking of technological advances, it really is impressive to see both the timelapses and motionlapses that you can achieve with this little number. You'll just want to make sure you keep it steady (more on this below).

First Person View

What happens when you want to shoot at an angle without the gimbal correcting the view?  FP mode allows you to do this – it will still steady your shot, but means you can achieve those jaunty ‘first person’ style shots.

Osmo Pocket Panoramic mode 

A composite of 9 separate images producing a unique field-of-view

The Osmo features two panoramic options:

4 image panorama – simply start with the Osmo Pocket facing your centre point, hold it steady and hit go.
3x3 square images – a quick way to get a large format image with some impressive sharpness.

Note – to download the stitched version you’ll need to access the files via the MIMO app – simply attach to your phone and download at the touch of a button, or access the app via the base which has WIFI capacity.

How did we get on with Omso Pocket?

We had the Osmo Pocket for a limited time, and were impressed with how ridiculously small it is - you really can take it anywhere! The still images are great - the images stitch perfectly and the field of view offered by the 9 image stitch allows you to create a new view of everyday scenes.

We got particularly excited about the motion and time lapse options, although did find that to make the most of these options you’ll want to find a way to stand it still without introducing camera shake.

To do this your best bet is to get the optional Wireless Module as a base, which also acts as a charger – it’s on sale at £53.  We’ve also seen improvised options ranging from attaching an elastic band to makeshift weights (bottles filled with salt), through to 3D printed versions!

We will, of course, bring you a full review with video footage when we get to spend more time with it – the tracking and stabilisation we tried seemed responsive and gave an incredible cinematic feel which we will showcase properly.

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