Canon M6 II First Look

Introducing the brand new Canon M6 II, a new mirrorless camera and the successor to the super popular Canon M6. With a newly developed sensor in a small, lightweight body, this is a great travel system or everyday camera.

Image Quality

Canon have included a newly developed sensor with a 32.5MP resolution giving you highly detailed images. Having all of that resolution to play with gives you a lot of options for how you want your final images to look. You’ve got enough room to crop your images, reframe them and still have a huge amount of detail.

I was seriously impressed with how these images came out, they’re nice and detailed, the colours look great (as you’d expect from a Canon) and the camera was nice and fast.

In fact, it’s able to shoot at 14fps in continuous shooting mode which is some serious speed. It also have the 30fps raw burst mode with AF tracking.


The M6 II features the Dual Pixel autofocus that we all know and love from Canon and with 5481 AF positions, I never had any issues using the autofocus.

It was also able to focus in lower light situations which is extremely handy.


The M6 II can shoot 4K video at up to 30 frames per second as well as Full HD video at up to 60 frames per second.

There’s no headphone port here but there is a mic jack allowing you to use an external mic.

Design and Feel

This is a nice, small, lightweight system coming in at just 408g. Even so, the controls have been designed with ergonomics in mind and the camera feels nice to shoot with.

You’ve got the tilting touch screen which is a great way to control the camera and it will flip all the way up so you can see yourself as well for vlogging and selfies.

Overall, this is a great system for travel or just everyday use. It’s size and weight means it is extremely portable but still able to give you nice, detailed images and great video as well.

You can see the full specs of the camera along with prices and images here.

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