Canon EOS R5 Insights

 On February 13th. Canon announced the development of the new EOS R5 mirrorless camera
* UPDATE * the new cameras are now available for pre-order! Read our comparison of the EOS R5 and EOS R6 cameras here for more information and specs.

This is an exciting announcement heralding the forthcoming professional full frame mirrorless body set to offer serious enthusiasts and pro photographers (including filmmakers) a series of ‘ground-breaking’ new features.

Canon EOS R5 showing sensor

Canon compete at the very highest possible levels with their DSLR flagship, the EOS-1D X Mark III. It makes complete sense that they would aim for a similar flagship model with their mirrorless line-up. 

EOS R5 specifications and features

As well as announcing new standards in high resolution stills, Canon have specified the new model will come with 8K video quality to match. They have a rich history in creating professional level cine lenses and broadcast camcorders used in the movie industry, so we are thrilled to see this technology trickling down and across to consumer-level mirrorless systems. This will place the R5 as the most advanced hybrid stills and video body available as it currently stands in 2020. 
Filmmakers will be able to record details previously reserved for the movie industry, capturing video we did not imagine would be accessible to us. Aside from video and stills quality, The EOS R5 will also deliver a blistering 20fps electronic shutter or 12fps mechanical shutter. This places it firmly at the highest end of continuous shooting speeds, when compared to any other mirrorless competitor in the market.

Canon EOS R5 with lens mounted

New body stabilisation

Photographers have come to love and to some degree expect a great deal of features from newly released camera bodies. Once again Canon will not disappoint, promising for the first time on any Canon camera that in body image stabilisation will be offered (IBIS), which will work with compatible stabilised RF lenses. This is set to assist more than ever with hand-holding, whether shooting movies or stills. This will present clear benefits to anyone shooting virtually any subject in low light, when the camera is not mounted on a tripod. 

Whilst Canon were not the first to the mirrorless market, they are catching up rapidly by delivering a slew of new lenses in 2020. These include the recently available RF 24-105mm f/4-7.1 IS STM as well as the RF 100-500mm. The 100-500 super telephoto zoom was announced on the same day as the body, set for release later this year. Together with these new lenses, wildlife and sports photographers will be delighted with the announcement of two new teleconverters; Extender RF 1.4x and Extender RF 2.0x.

New RF 100-500 mirrorless telephoto lens
Whichever style of photography you may enjoy, Canon are becoming a serious option for pros and enthusiasts looking to switch from their DSLR set-up. Any photographers concerned about the commitment to mirrorless can rest assured that Canon will continue to develop some of their most advanced photography equipment for that market. 

Up in the cloud

Professionals shooting sports and action will often have extremely tight deadlines, delivering images whilst events are still in progress. Canon announced a new cloud service which allows photographers to shoot and transfer images or video whilst out in the field. WiFi will be built into the R5 which can connect to the new image.canon service for instant sharing. This not only provides instant transfer but also a live backup of images captured. Nobody likes to lose their best image to failed cards or have to deal with hard drives if not necessary. The cloud service will negate that and moves Canon to into services the likes of which Apple and Amazon are currently providing. 

Canon EOS R5 with system lenses

We are genuinely excited to see what this camera will be capable of. Sign up here to receive first notifications of when these new mirrorless products will be available for ordering. 

You can slo read Canon’s own announcement directly here: EOS R5 on the Canon website

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